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"Customised India started off as a problem statement. A problem that we all face in our busy lives i.e. gifting something really special and memorable. We wanted to gift our family & friends something really personal. And we could not find anything that could be personal & memorable. At the same time, we wanted the gift to be used in everyday life and not something that is locked up and forgotten. We took this as an opportunity. So we started finding products that can be used regularly and is also customised. The customisation of our products can be done with the color, name and charms (the cute little objects above the name) that may personify you. Our range is mainly towards the travel, tech and lifestyle accessories. Travel Accessories - Protective & Personalized Passport covers, luggage tags, travel folders, travel pouches, Sippers . Life style Accessories – Mens/Womens wallet, money clippers, purse, clutches, sling bags, card holders and key rings, Pens and Keychains Tech Accessories – Laptop Sleeves, Covers, Other aspect about our product range is that they are all NON-LEATHER products. The material that we use is faux leather which feels and looks like real leather but is NOT leather. They are also known as Vegan materials and are very good for the environment and nature. Basically CRUEL FREE stuff. WE don’t use animal skin in any of our products And unlike the big e-retailers, we have some really cool, eco-friendly and 
Customised stuff in vibrant colors and charms with YOUR NAME on it. So next time if you are looking to gift something personalized, do check out our store. Journey From Resellers To Biggest Manufacturers in Personalised Vegan Leather Segment Thanks again for your time :)"

: Customised India

: 08/01/2020

: Proprietorship - Manufacturing (Ecommerce)

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: 9427451709

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