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At Relevium Physiotherapy Centre, led by Dr. Nikita Bhatt with over 9 years of experience, we specialize in advanced treatments like dry needling and Kinesio tapping, catering to individuals, including bankers, who face discomfort from prolonged sitting. With partnerships in 40 government schools, we offer holistic services like ergonomic advice and psychological counseling. Additionally, we provide physiotherapy at Sabarmati jail and collaborate with Apollo Institute for Master's student training. Engaging the community at Parimal Garden, we promote physiotherapy's benefits for sedentary lifestyles. Our collaboration with H3 School focuses on motor skill development through fitness activities and strength training. We strive to alleviate pain, promote rehabilitation, and improve overall well-being for individuals across various settings.

: Relevium Physiotherapy Centre

: 06/17/2018

: B2C

: 1-10

: +91 98795 56952

: I'm born & brought up in Gujarat

: We excel in offering top-notch knee rehabilitation protocols following ligament injuries and provide effective ergonomic solutions to prevent poor posture in daily life routines. Additionally, we specialize in personalized training for children, implementing tailored rehabilitation protocols to address their unique needs.

: Dr. Nikita was honored with the 2021 Women's Day Award for her outstanding performance in the field of physiotherapy. She is renowned for her expertise in dry needling, Kinesio tapping, and being FIFA Football Medicine certified. Dr. Nikita is also recognized as the sole physiotherapist in Ahmedabad city dedicated to improving children's posture, earning accolades from her college for her impactful work in this area.

: Relevium Physiotherapy Centre First Floor, Padmavati Flat, nr Bank Of Baroda, Above United Co Op Bank Anjali Cross Road.

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