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Wanderama is the love child of the travel enthusiasts who envisage adding new meanings to travel and tourism in the contemporary time. Wanderama is for everyone who have the desire to explore the unknown destinations and make the most of every small vacations. The voyage of Wanderama started in 2018 with the vision to make weekend getaways more indulgent in more cost-effective ways at unexplored destinations. Incepted from the seed of ideology of ‘budget-friendly weekend getaways’ the CEO of the company; the young travel’o’holic Mr. Yuri Joshi, owns a campsite in Manali since 1980s. He has been the friend, philosopher & guide for Wanderama since inception. Wanderama initiated its journey serving at only one gem destination of Gujarat; Bakor. But with changing times at present we are offering amicable services at 4 different states namely: Gujarat, Maharastra, Himachal Pradesh & Rajasthan. Wanderama’s growth story has been led by the missio, vision and the vitality of each one of its employees. We keep coming together to create the fresh and new market segments for contemporary wanderers.Whatever we do endeavours around you and hence our core mission is to inspire people to explore more destinations without having to worry about the budget. We hope to keep playing our part in offering budget-friendly unexplored weekend getaways in lucrative ways ever after. Keep showering your love and keep unleashing the wanderer in you with Wanderama.

: Wanderama

: 06/01/2018

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