Passion will find its way!

Love at first bite, is the true love that you have been searching for.

And the ones who make us fall in such love are the best craftsmen of the world! Vyom Shah, a young Gujpreneur, embraced this thought and turned it into a business opportunity. 

As a foodie, Vyom has been one of those who has enjoyed flavoured butter, delicious cheese, breads, cookies, cupcakes, etc. all prepared at home. Interestingly, the ones who make them are not professionally-acclaimed chefs. Instead, they are Home Chefs who cook for the delight of people. Vyom strongly feels that some cheese prepare at home by Home Chefs are at par from the imported ones.

Having been intrigued by such immense talent and the flavor of delicious food prepared by such super-talented people, Vyom thought of building a platform that empowers these Home Chefs and established ‘Foodism’.

The food venture

‘Foodism’ is a one-of-its-kind venture. It is an E-commerce store, a food magazine, and a friendly recipe-sharing platform. Such a diverse platform helps Home Chefs to market their products and reach a wide number of people.

A Private limited company, Vyom Shah has built Foodism from the scratch about 8 months ago. He started slow by building the right contacts of Home Chefs, Gourmet cooks and a number of talented food enthusiasts. Later, appropriate content was sourced and slowly a team was built.

But being one-of-its-kind, Foodism has faced multiple challenges as well. From expanding verticals to targeting a wide audience base, a lot of to-and-fro has been done. This caused a lot of stress, both financially and emotionally. But Vyom always believed in the power of his purpose. This helped him to align his business with his vision i.e., to react out to every Home Chef and empower them.

While Vyom Shah aims to make the venture global in the future, his immediate plans are to ship homemade goodies across India. This will empower the Home Chefs and generate immediate returns for them. 

The motivated Gujpreneur sees true potential in the home-based food industry and believes in encouraging Home Chefs. The satisfaction of helping out local talent, further contributing to the Indian vision of ‘Make in India’.

A valuable advice from him, “You may think that you’ve reached the end of the road, but it isn’t. Sometimes, you just have to break the wall if you reach a dead end. If you are passionate enough about what you do, you will find a way.”

As experienced people say, every successful business not only helps one earn high revenue but also contributes to the growth of the society. You can follow and be a part of it on –

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