Blog Failure Turning Into Corporate Trainer: Yagnesh Modh’s The Special Character

Failure Turning Into Corporate Trainer: Yagnesh Modh’s The Special Character

Sanjana Shah

“Leave a little sparkle of yours everywhere !”

Meet Yagnesh Modh, a seasoned IT professional with over 8 years of experience and the proud founder of The Special Character. With a mission to bridge the gap between education and industry experience, Yagnesh has crafted a unique space in Ahmedabad as a renowned Corporate Trainer and empowering full-stack developers. Let’s sail on a journey through his inspiring story, from overcoming challenges to nurturing young talent, and witness the transformative power of The Special Character.

A Journey of Triumph Over Adversity: Jahan Chaha Hai Waha Raha Hai

Yagnesh’s story is a testimonial to the adage that failure is merely a stepping stone to success. Despite facing setbacks in his academic pursuits, he refused to be deterred and chose to pursue a diploma in engineering. His indomitable spirit led him to secure the 7th rank in his course, fueling his desire to achieve more. Determined to excel, Yagnesh pursued a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Nirma University, Ahmedabad, a renowned institution that nurtures technical prowess and innovation.

From Employee to Corporate Trainer

Following his graduation, Yagnesh embarked on a career that took him to esteemed organizations such as TCS Bangalore, Fintex, Gateway, and many others. However, the call of his hometown and the longing for his roots drew him back to Ahmedabad. During the challenging times brought forth by the pandemic, Yagnesh found himself working with Jupiter Money, a leading startup. It was during this period that he was presented with an opportunity that would change the course of his professional life forever.

Discovering the Passion for Training: A 360-degree Change

As fate would have it, Yagnesh was approached by IDFC Bank to provide corporate training to their employees. Though initially unfamiliar with the realm of corporate training, Yagnesh embraced the opportunity with open arms. It was in this new venture that he found his true calling. Witnessing the positive impact he could make on individuals’ lives through his training sessions ignited a fire within him, fueling his desire to explore this domain further. With this Yagnesh set the bars for corporate trainers in Ahmedabad belonging to the IT field.

The Special Character: Empowering Full-Stack Developers

With each new experience, Yagnesh’s passion for training intensified. The corporate trainer’s abilities grew exponentially, and he garnered recognition for his expertise and ability to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. His pursuit took him to various countries too. He delivered successful corporate training in countries like Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and many other places.

It was at this juncture that a close friend’s brother approached Yagnesh seeking his guidance and training. The experience was invigorating, and Yagnesh realized that he possessed the power to empower and shape young minds. This revelation inspired him to establish his own firm, The Special Character. With a vision to provide comprehensive training to college students and equip them with industry-ready skills, Yagnesh’s full-stack boot camp became a sought-after program for aspiring developers. 

Since its inception, The Special Character has witnessed unprecedented success. Yagnesh’s relentless pursuit of excellence and his ability to instill confidence and knowledge in his students has led to a successful placement record. Even before completing their college education, 35 students from The Special Character’s program have secured lucrative job placements, setting them on a path to a fulfilling and prosperous career.

Embarking On An Ambitious Mission

Being a family person, Yagnesh says, “Being a homesick person, I can’t stay away from home longer. And there are many people like me but due to fewer opportunities here in Ahmedabad in the IT field, I envision making Ahmedabad a leading IT hub. Bringing more opportunities here.”

As rightly said, ‘The suffered one knows it all.’ Yagnesh Modh knows what it’s like to the adversaries. He is on a mission to help students grab big opportunities while not being forced to leave their homes just in search of the prospect.

Walking With Achievement and Shambles

Speaking of his exploit and feat, Yagnesh says, “ I got to become Tech Lead at earliest of my time. It is great to get yourself into the leading and well-known start-up and later on, start your very own company.” But to this various dares have moved along the way. Speaking of which the full-stack developer and IT trainer says, “ It is a daunting task to run a whole new venture single-handedly. And it is always a big question to match different mentalities. You need to set your bar at each moment. Also leaving a handsome salary is not as easy as putting a cherry on the cake.”

A Mistake To Thank Forever 

Failure is never an easy digest. But Yagnesh believes that “failing in 12th standard has made me who I am today. It was meant to be and I consider it as destiny’s best mistake.” 

Magic Mantra To Follow

“Take Risks. Life is short, don’t waste much thinking about it. If you’ll miss it, you’ll regret it. Find the grounds and take the risk. Keep your arms wide open for work, even if it is out of your league, it will teach you if you have an attitude of owning it and proving it.”


People recognize you and your work , is Success to me

Experiencing, Learning, Evolving 

Things that nobody ever told the IT corporate trainer:

  • Being dependent on your employees for everything will eventually lead you to failure.
  • Be self-sufficient to make it work when nobody else can.

Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs:

Experience is the biggest Guru. None can teach better than it. Sharing some of the gold insights, Yagnesh unfolds the following tips for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Never fear anything. Do it because you love it. The probability will be that you’ll fail but you’ll know if it was really worth it.
  • Hard work is imperative. There’s no exit to it.
  • Don’t get driven too easily. See, Understand, Analyse and Implement.
  • Be patient enough. Even if it’s the thing you love, it will take time to grow. Let it become fruitful. 


Yagnesh Modh’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion and dedication. From his early struggles to his rise as one of Ahmedabad’s most renowned corporate trainers and the founder of The Special Character, Yagnesh Modh has defied the odds and emerged as a true inspiration. His unwavering commitment to the field of IT and his ability to shape aspiring full-stack developers have made him a force to be reckoned with.

At The Special Character, Yagnesh’s focus on nurturing talent and providing holistic training has earned him a stellar reputation. The full-stack boot camp offered by his institute is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the dynamic IT industry. 

Yagnesh’s success as a corporate trainer and the impact of The Special Character have not gone unnoticed. His reputation has reached far and wide, attracting aspiring developers.

In conclusion, The Special Character stands as a testament to Yagnesh’s vision, and as more students pass through its doors, it is poised to shape the future of full-stack development.

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