“Education is the Power, and Learning is the Process”

About the Gujpreneur

The land of Gujarat is the home of the divine. The pious soil has given birth to great laureates like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhai Patel and Sudhir Nanavati. Many such men and women have enlightened the world with their knowledge and established the ‘Modern India’. Our Gujpreneurs are one of the gems of this land. Thus, education has always been the core value of our culture and tradition.

Taking this value to new heights is our popular Woman Gujpreneur, Manushi Digesh

Founder of Superwings Preschool and Superwings Foundation, Manushi Digesh Gajjar is an Educationist and Gujpreneur in true sense. Born in a family that values education, Manushi has inherited the same values. Over the past 17 years, she has been working to provide astute education to all the sections of the society. Furthermore, she has worked for reputed educational organisations like the Adani Foundation and The Tree House.

Dreams & Goals

Dream is what drives Manushi every moment of her life. She firmly believes that every child must gain education. And this education will bring the positive change in the society.

As an Educationist, Manushi wants to nurture the future. She wishes to bring a curriculum focused on developing executive function. Her objective is the overall social-emotional development, physical development, language development, and cognitive development of every child.

Through her venture, Manushi has been trying to achieve these dreams. At present, her venture has over 6 franchise’ in Ahmedabad. And she has a goal of spreading it pan India. Besides, she also dreams of becoming a leading pre-school/daycare brand in India.


Manushi Digesh is a well-known personality in the field of education across India. She has been invited to numerous events of national and international importance in the field of education. She has also judged a number of educational events. In addition to this, her venture has been awarded the prestigious Pre-ranking Award.

About Superwings Preschool & Superwings Foundation

As an Educationist, Manushi has always believed in the power of Education and effective learning. With them, anything can be achieved. Aspiring to provide these tools, Superwings Preschool was established. The school aims to provide global education. It will focuse upon all-round academic excellence, building resilient minds and encouraging positive and international perspectives.

The Superwings Foundation is another meaningful intitative of Manushi. Through this foundation, she aims to support women empowerment and provide education to the needy children.

The purpose of both these institutions is to create an inspiring world of education. It would help in building self-belief and empowers individuals to succeed. 

Our Best Wishes

The team of Gujpreneur is highly stoked to have Manushi as a part of our Community. We wish for the success of her efforts and pray for the wellness of the society. Hoping that our young minds take a lesson or two from her insightful story.

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