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The road to success is never crowded at the top. Some people are born to work hard for money, while some have that talent to make money out of money. It is rightly said that ‘Business lies in the blood of a Gujarati’. One such example is Simol Bhansali; an Engineer by qualification and a Gujpreneur by profession. He has successfully created his own brand “” and has his roots successfully grounded with his brand ASOPALAV. 

Coding, technology, and market- A peep into Simol Bhansali’s journey.

With a technical background and having his graduation sorted with engineering in 2011, Simol has his hold strong over coding and marketing. Joining the breeze of e-commerce that zoned in 2012, Simol grabbed the opportunity and started looking for a team to step into the market. With his seeds sown in the soil of ethnic wear via ASOPALAV-a strong established ethnic apparel brand, Simol wished to take this to another level with the decision to step into this business. 

In 2013, Simol started coding alone and was ready with the team by 2014, thereby receiving their first order in the same year itself. Truely business is in blood.

My work is to provide the best advice to the team. With this amazing team, I am just sitting on top of them and make sure everything is done well.” He says. With a good base that ASOPALAV has developed, maintaining its authenticity was a challenge itself for that Simol had accepted gracefully.

Internet is an Opportunity

It was never that hard to level up to something that already has a big name, organizing it is. But with the blessings of the internet, has boosted the market of its apparel wear in comparison to what it was usually; seeing at least 30% growth each year in their online sales.

Even happiness comes at a cost they say. The road initially was not easy at all for Simol. Being a Newprenure in the world of all other entrepreneurs, Simol thought of venturing into Food and Beverages business online, which according to him, was a disaster. Failures teach us where we go wrong. Simol here got to learn what not to do. As his family already had ASOPALAV all set up, he decided to take a dive in the same thing and make a brand. 

You chose your market, or the market chooses you. There is always a phase here where the curve of productivity flattens. Something similar happened with! With the increase in competition, the business was also affected by demonetization. GST was just a cherry on the top. Simol knew that in an E-Commerce business, stagnant growth is the beginning of the end. He pulled up the gears and later in 2017 before even someone had the idea of eating a bat leading to a pandemic, started giving video call appointments to its customer, thereby saving them time and money. Of course, this had to boost up the production and its market as well. 

Take rest to do your best!

Simol believes in the idea of quality over quantity. There are no time restrictions for the team. For them, productivity is their priority, not the hours you give in for that. According to him, discovering and brainstorming holds the most precious place in the market. “Don’t expect different results by doing the same thing” he says. The Gujpreneur loves his team and is very particular with his choice over whom to trust. He believes a good team can do wonders for a business that deals with today’s swing generation.  Currently, around 35 people work for

 “My team is young and super passionate. They will keep doing great stuff.”

Likes, Dislikes and the Future of the Industry

There are not many things that Mr. Simol dislikes about the work he is dedicated to. He loves to plan and ponder around the ideas with his developers to raise the peak of their sales. But though moments where their site crashes annoy him the most.

Where there is no sky to his limits, Simol still believes that there is yet a lot more to be achieved. The future of is amazingly empowered by his visions. The pandemic just added a vibe to it. This was the time where people just trusted brands; thereby leading to an increase in the sales of their website in India as well as overseas. This year the sales were above 70% or even more. Where on one side the technical operations are smooth, the new schemes supporting the online market issued by the government are helping a lot to lead the ladder of success. 

Simol believes that it is impossible to grow alone. One leads another and that’s how growth happens. Be it any market, or the real world, it is hard to sustain alone. You need to give back to nature what you take from it. The future of holds a lot of potential in taking measures that are environmentally friendly and will transform the face of success. 

 Ethics and tips. Com

Simol believes that planning is the key to success. The plan makes things happen. You should know what you are doing and where it can lead to. People today do not buy your product, they invest. They invest in the brand, in the work that they see constantly happening. 

It is a world where you deal with people you do not know. The relations you maintain, and you make describe you. Keep your family and the people who love you by your side. No matter whatever you do and wherever you reach, they are the ones that will always have your back. Simol dedicates all his achievements to his family. is in the right hands who aspire to take it to the new branding arena.

 Simol aspires to be the number 1 shopping destination online for Ethnic apparel in the next 10 years. We wish Simol all the luck with and Asopalav and expect it to see it to a whole new peak. As they say, with time, it will always get better!

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