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Fashion, styling and, dressing up are the words one easily associates with feminine approach and energy. It is even associated with the people who’re in the field of art – theatre, films or modelling. The men, who aren’t in this profession, are often put out of the list. Styling for them is considered as a secondary thing in life with least importance. 

There have been consistent efforts since the past couple of years by various stylists to emphasise on men’s styling. An equally important factor to be considered on a daily basis just how it is for women. Various brands and stylists have left their mark in men’s fashion.

Today, we bring to the story of a fashion entrepreneur – Hardik Gandhi, Stylist and Satorialist from Ahmedabad. I am Mr. – A clothing brand in Ahmedabad is started by Hardik Gandhi 7 years ago. 

What needs to change when it comes to styling, especially men’s styling? Let’s learn about it from Hardik and know his journey of owning a styling studio for men. 


Coming from an architectural background, Hardik pursued his masters degree in Australia and practised as an Urban Designer in India. 

During his time in Australia, he was inspired by the way people carried themselves at work or otherwise. The neatness, confidence, and the level of interest that people invested in their attire moved him. It often led him to think – why does the majority of Indians don’t believe in similar ideology when it comes to dressing? 

He felt that since money has always topped the priority list of objectives at work, the daily routine of going for work and coming back had become mundane for many. Lot of people would ignore dressing up for work. They treat it like any other basic activity that needs to be done. While the difference he observed in Australia was no matter what the profession is, everyone would just dress up fine. Something that made them look fresh, and interested in the work they’re doing. 

The stylist always had an inclination towards fashion designing much before his college days. He followed his love for designing. Though in his early days, he couldn’t end up studying fashion, he always wanted to have his own design studio at some point in life. Through the role of architecture he played in his life he got an opportunity to learn more about detailing and textures. The training at architecture course also supported his skill of having that eye for combinations and making things look at its finest. 

After working in the field for about 7-8 years, Hardik decided to have his own clothing line and fulfil his dream of owning a design studio. Today, I am Mr. is followed by thousands of men who look up to Hardik’s take on styling and method of tailoring.


“If the clothes that you’re wearing makes you feel comfortable, then you must go for it. Fashion is more about how confidently one can carry the outfit more than how good the outfit is. And this often comes when one is wearing something that makes them feel comfortable.”

Hardik Gandhi

Hardik believes in the idea of feeling confident when you dress up. He emphasises two areas the most –  confidence and comfort while designing apparels for his clients. Some of his clients don’t agree to wear certain outfits because they’re too attached with the idea of what suits one at what age! Even though they’d like to wear certain prints and designs, they often avoid it because they consider age as a barrier to such fashion. Hardik tries to know more about the client and help them wear what they’d like to wear with confidence!

I am Mr. is a studio that provides end-to-end clothing solutions specialising in designing an entire wardrobe for their clients ranging right from casual jeans to formal shirts and jackets. 

When we speak of business, we undoubtedly discuss the success of it over a span of a few years – often based on their turnover or no. of stores in the country. Well, does success always have to deal with a money-oriented approach in life?

Most of the businesses are often the result of someone’s passion. I am Mr. by Hardik Gandhi is one such. When we spoke about his vision of I am Mr., Hardik beautifully shares his idea of success. 

“I am happy today where I am. I feel content and happy with my work. I love the way I get to spend my days. This is what my business has given me.”

Hardik Gandhi

The art of balancing the work and happiness which Hardik has mastered is truly difficult yet commendable! 

“If I get to serve 10 clients for my whole life, I will be happy with that. I believe in quality over quantity.” 

hardik Gandhi

Styling is not only about clothing but choosing the clothing that suits your body type and mindset. It leads to leaving a mark and making a statement along with your daily work.
He admires Amitabh Kant – his work and his dressing style. The young stylist has worked with multiple Indian bureaucrats back in 2012-13 when he was a practising Urban Designer. 


Hardik’s story and beliefs are surely to look back on whenever the moment of doubt consumes us. His idea of success, passion and love for work are certainly something  to look up to. 
The way he has tried his best to make fashion comfortable and approachable for men, has opened up the idea of not limiting styling to only women or bollywood or high networth individuals. Everyone must feel the best of themselves everyday when they walk out of their house – comfortable in their skin and clothing wherever they go. 

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Vidhi Shah

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