Blog The fashion of the early beginning!

The fashion of the early beginning!

Meet Jatakia

“Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad and a lot of hard work!”

Pooja Koshti

One such amazing daughter and dad duo is that of Pooja Koshti and her father Mr. Anil Koshti.

Pooja Koshti is the founder and owner of Pooja Koshti Clothing (a fashion famous brand). A Pooja Koshti Clothing revolving around customization of women’s wear and kid’s wear with a wide range of fabrics. It’s a “one-stop destination” for all your outfits from simple summer dresses to heavy bridal lehengas.

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.”

Jim Valvano

Tailor’s Point

Pooja humbly began working with her father after her 12th. She used to dedicate her after-college hours to learning the intricacies of business and work at her father’s company Tailor’s Point. Experience plays a very major role in any business and thus she used to juggle between academics and work.

Pooja sticks by the advice that – One should experience everything within their reach but not at the cost of academics, and neither did she let her academics suffer.

She finished her, a course in “Garment production technology, and apparel designing” from NIFT, a diploma in entrepreneurship from EDI, and also accomplished an external in M.Com. She has even pursued Fashion marketing from IED, Milan (Italy) while her store was in operation back in Ahmedabad.

Fashion Famous Brand

She always has been inspired to experiment with her knowledge by trying to connect the dots and taking in fashion and inspiration from all her surroundings.

She feels lucky to have begun her journey at a very early stage. That gave her the freedom and room for a lot of trials and errors in the journey.

Along this tremendous journey, the real struggles rolled in when she opened her store. She was on a constant toll to keep raising the bar by increasing retail space, her production team, keeping up with the new trends in this ever-changing industry, and managing her weakness like finances. As said, “To win you need to play”, and that is what happened with Pooja as well. Her struggles had given her an amazing output and finally, all of the hustle seemed worth it.

Pooja believes that the future of this fashion industry is going to be a lot around technology. Ranging from the printing pattern of understanding the psychology of the buyer and that of the online fashion market, taking this fashion industry to grow on a global approach towered fashion famous brand.

“The only principle I work with here is – that my client should return home happy, be it with the services, the designs, or just the way we humbly handle them.”

-Pooja Koshti

Pooja has a fashion business

Today she has a family of 13 people who are filled with zeal, honesty, and love toward the brand.

Her family and friends have always been a source of trust with her father and husband being her backbone and inspiration for her.

In everyone’s lives, there are a few moments that you never seem to forget. While pursuing her course in Milan, she displayed her brand as a part of the project. This impressed her professor so much that they wanted to visit her store in India. Another such moment close to her heart is of that when a friend of her dad identified Pooja’s dad as the father of that Pooja whose billboards hang in the city, the loud expression of pride in her father’s eyes seemed like everything she had longed for.

Pooja has also achieved the “Best Brand Leadership Award” in the apparel sector, Gujarat powered by ABP news Channel about fashion famous brands. Besides being a guest lecturer on fashion business at ICECD institute, she was even called upon by SMPIC college on their 20th anniversary for a talk show to inspire their existing students on deciding on their careers. She has also been featured in various magazines like the YMCA’s annual edition and a few local newspaper articles.

Online Fashion Platform

She wants to create an online platform for heavy wedding attires and also reach out to more countries in the coming years. Adding to her portfolio of Dominican Republic, Nairobi, parts of USA, and Canada.

Her goals don’t stop here. She wishes to present the brand at the famous “Lafayette Gallery” in Paris and Dubai in the next 8 years we are fashion famous brand.

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Meet Jatakia

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