Blog The judgment in the favour of music

The judgment in the favour of music

Meet Jatakia

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

A Lawyer by education, and a Musician by Profession and Heart – This is Dhruv Patel aka Mr. Probeat.

Dhruv was inclined toward music since his childhood. He used to learn tabla during his childhood days. And although he studied Law, he found his peace in Music. Eventually, this led him to establish himself in the field of music.   

During his abroad trips, he found that he loved the sounds of instruments from different countries, so he made sure to pick up at least one instrument from each country he traveled to. He has been efficient in learning all of them. Eventually, he started his career in music 8 years ago. On a regular day of the jamming sessions, he and his friends decided to explore different types of percussion that would sound like electronic music. The unexpectedly positive response had left them with a mailbox flooded with gigs inquiry. 

Over the last 8 years, he has performed in more than 500 events including International music festivals, Live events, Destination weddings, Club gigs, Recordings, etc.  In these events, he has performed with reputed artists like Akcent, Stan Kolev, Ma Faiza Ankyytrixx, Arjun Rampal, etc. To top it up he has performed for a huge international audience in Germany. And also for Sonam Kapoor (daughter of Mr. Anil Kapoor and a famous Bollywood actress) and Ambani.

This trained classical Tabla artist had a journey through Times and Tales. During his initial days, it was very difficult to convince and make people understand the concept. There was just a handful of people who used to call them. But eventually, things started to fall into place. People started understanding music. The acceptance was growing and the industry was forming. Dhruv was invited to perform at the events of esteemed people in the industry. And since then, there was no looking back for him.

The past and present have been heart-warming for Dhruv. From meeting new people every day to working till odd hours he has seen it all. Talking about the future –  “With the fast-moving digital world, I am looking at more collaborative efforts to create new Sounds and Eps and take it further to bigger audiences. Also, Global music with Indian touches and accents is what we are looking for for the bigger audiences in the world.  I and malted both are working on it.” Besides that, he and his usual partner in crime DjMaultek are well aware of the pulse of their audience and they reciprocate accordingly.

As an artist, the Percussionist understands his responsibility on the stage well. A soul-stirring performance holds much importance in any gig. And thus, even after a long and tiring journey, Dhruv always aims to deliver his best. 

An advice from the Musician, “Be open to all kinds of experiences.” In addition to this, he also feels that ‘Patience is the best virtue to make and maintain work relationships.’

Something he believes in – “I believe in working together and spreading work as much as I can in my community. In today’s times, you can’t pull down people. It is stupid and useless. Working together is the way ahead.”

Usually, an artist is managed by his management team but with Mr. Probeat it is not the same. He himself takes care of his clients and work. So now you know whom to contact if you want your people to groove over music beats. 😉

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Meet Jatakia

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