Blog The Story of Knotty Heads: Gujarat’s First Mom & Kids Salon

The Story of Knotty Heads: Gujarat’s First Mom & Kids Salon

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A Quirky yet Inspirational Journey!

The cornerstone of Knotty Heads was laid back in 2019. A combined efforts of the two trailblazing women led to such unique foundation. Hiral having an entrepreneurial spirit and Khushunum being a passionate hairdresser ignited this spark.This creative venture has come a long way with giving out franchises across Gujarat. The 5 years old Gujarat’s first mom & kids’ salon continuously keeps on growing and expanding! Here’s to its inception, challenges, and learning insights.

The Birth of Knotty Heads

The inception of an exclusive salon for kids and moms catered in 2 steps: Idea & Partnership. This idea for Knotty Heads originated from Hiral’s personal experience as a mother. The founder observed that her son never truly enjoyed his visits to the salon. There she saw an opportunity to create a space that’s specifically for children and their parents. She envisioned a salon where kids could have fun and mothers could relax, all within a safe and comforting environment. Over coffee, she shared this vision with Khushnum. She immediately embraced the concept. Khushnum had been Hiral’s long-time friend and experienced hairdresser. With their complementary skills, the two founders embarked on a joint venture. Mutual understanding and a shared dream drive it. Hiral’s business acumen and Khushnum’s hairdressing expertise formed the perfect foundation for Knotty Heads.

Unique Features of Knotty Heads

The dynamic duo of the founders makes a regular point ofvisiting their flagship salon every day. This helps them in upscaling and curating the additional features for the Knotty Heads. Also there are tons of reasons for which their salon stands out: 

• Kid-Friendly Environment: Knotty Heads is designed to make children feel at ease. The salon features car-shaped seats and a play area, ensuring that kids are entertained and comfortable. This thoughtful design helps in reducing the anxiety that often accompanies salon visits for young children.

• Parent and Child Experience: The salon is not just for kids. Parents can relax and enjoy some “me-time” in a space that takes care of their children. Private cabins for parents ensuring privacy and comfort during treatments are made. This makes it a holistic experience for the entire family.

• Innovative Approach: The founders were determined to create a distinctive identity for Knotty Heads. From the quirky name to the carefully designed interiors, every aspect of the salon reflects their innovative spirit. They even introduced home service during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure continued service. This demonstratedtheir adaptability and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Building of a Brand with Knotty Philosophy

From the start, Hiral and Khushnum focused on creating a strong brand identity. They were among the first in their domain to start an Instagram page for a salon. Knotty Heads set a trend that others soon followed. Their commitment to quality and unique customer experiences helped them build a loyal clientele. This also paved the way for future expansion of franchising and adding handcrafted product line-ups. At Knotty Heads, the founders believe that kids come for the ambience and the unique experience they offer. Hence they even train their staff to create a bond with the children, making each visit enjoyable and memorable. Moreover, founders value and stay connected with team members. They schedule regular retreats, movie outings, and team-building activities. This positive environment reflects to the overall welcoming atmosphere of the salon.

Overcoming the Challenges

The founders of Knotty Heads are super enthusiastic and positive. They remain strong embracing the downfall period. Khushunum sums it up saying, “It has been a good learning journey.” And the determined Hiral calls it as “Keep on rising when you feel stuck.” These ideologies combine to overcome the challenges. As just nine months after its start, Knotty Heads faced the the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the salon industry being one of the last to reopen, the founders navigated this period with resilience. They introduced strict safety protocols and continued to support their staff. Additionally, their decision to offer home services kept the business afloat and maintained customer trust.

Key Learnings & Advises by the founders

• If you are confident enough then take the risk of starting your own business. 

• Start your day with a positive mind-set and keep on learning.

• Dream big. If your dreams are big, your goals will get bigger. And work constantly to achieve it. 

• Don’t mix personal & professional life. Learn to switch on and switch off from the roles! 

• Enjoy and have fun in whatever you choose to do. 


Knotty Heads is more than just a salon; it is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and resilience. It’s a story of two hard working women entrepreneurs. Hiral and Khushnum have transformed a simple idea into a thriving business that offers a unique and cherished experience for families. Furthermore, their journey, marked by challenges and triumphs, serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.With a strong foundation and a clear vision, Knotty Heads continues to bring smiles to children and parents alike. Keep visiting for more such insights! 

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