Blog From not knowing A to being E for EXCELLENT!

From not knowing A to being E for EXCELLENT!

Meet Jatakia

“Chase your passion, not your pension”

-Denis Waitley

One such person is Vaishal Dalal. Vaishali born on 4th June 1989 in the city of Ahmedabad is a person who followed his passion for pension. From being a Chartered Accountant who refuses to accept a job in the same field in the prime of his life to following his calling and mastering it.

Top Ad Agency & Media Advertising in Gujarat

Excellent Publicity –is the Top Ad Agency & Media Advertising in Gujarat for Helping brands and startups grow” was co-founded by Vishal and his friend Manan 9 years ago. Together they’ve come far in this journey. From standing on the roads to sell stickers, to being among the top 100 agencies. 

Their venture “Excellent Publicity” deals in everything ranging from Marketing & Branding services, from Traditional Media to Non-Traditional Media. Their award-winning solutions run from hoardings, TV, Radios, and Newspaper to IPL events, Cafes, and Gyms.

Other companies and people have a product or a service to provide as a task at their hands, but they have the task to take that very product and make it reach the right audience at right time and in the right manner. All of this has to be done keeping in mind various factors like the client’s thoughts, requirements, deadlines, budget, etc. And that is a real task at hand.

From not knowing about billboards being called billboards to being among the top 100 agencies they surely created a huge change.

The advertising industry

 The advertising industry is like the ocean and what we do is media buying, planning & consultancy. Top Ad Agency & Media Advertising in Gujarat is a small part and we would like to explore so more. Areas like PR, Events, Sports Marketing (exclusively) and a lot more is what they look forward to.

With every yin, there is a yang, and for them to follow up on payments with clients, days after the credit period has exhausted and still the sight of payment is far away is their yin with liquidity hunting being the worst thing.

Digital marketing is the next big thing

With more and more businesses and start-ups joining the race and the consistent increase in competition has made it important to advertise as a medium to grow. Vaishal strongly believes that Offline media advertising will grow but Digital marketing is the next big thing in their industry with many OTT platforms and applications of Indian origin in the making. Things like easy targeting, analyzing, and increasing the reach are some aspects of digital marketing that make it more important.

While the world has been facing challenges, Excellent Publicity has begun breaking barriers of physical proximity with everything going online and blurring the geographical boundaries. Virtual meetings have taken place of real-time meetings and demographics have changed to bring opportunities for them. From being hesitant to propose solutions for distant located areas to converting cross-state deals as well as international projects, they’ve created amazing opportunities.

“We are not just colleagues or just friends, we are family.”

-Harvey Spectre says in Suits

With a team of well-bonded and trustworthy 35 people, they’ve created a family in the team itself. The team works in a manner to create a win-win situation for the audience, client, and them as well.

With the mantra of “If the process is right, the results will eventually fall in your favor.”, they’ve come a long way.

Excellent Publicity is the biggest advertising agency

Top Ad Agency & Media Advertising Looking at the biggest challenges in this industry, it is to survive amidst the cutthroat competition is one’s willingness and ability to adapt. Vaishal is a believer in the fact that “Being Positive and being kind to people around one, will return the favor in more than the unexpected ways, and when you need that.”

With certain tips like Follow the process. Top Ad Agency & Media Advertising says to Be open to adapting. There is no shortcut to success. Persistent efforts and adaptability to change will eventually sail all difficulties through for you; the journey has given them huge success.

“Creative without strategy is called art and creative with strategy is called advertising.”

-Jef Richards

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Meet Jatakia

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