Story of a prolific duo—where passion met consistency

Updated March 8, 2024

An insightful exploration into the journeys of ‘Nyasa Production Studio’ founders.

Meet the young, prolific and dynamic founders of a Production Studio-Nyasa who sailed through the same boat! Rahul & Sumeet, the best of friends turned into entrepreneurial partners during threshold of their individual careers. Its a Story of a prolific duo—where passion met consistency. It’s a testament of school buddies turning into business partners inspiring millions out here. Their story is filled with determination, perseverance and every synonym relating to hard work. Having no plan and just trusting the process sums up the storyline of Rahul & Sumeet’s journey! Nyasa, initially a design solution brand to now providing conversion rates to other brands proves the founders’ conviction to work in the direction of setting up an own business. 

The journey so far! 

More than a decade long legacy has been nurtured by this prolific duo. Rahul and Sumeet shared a common interest of films, animation, and everything around the editing universe. This laid to the foundation stone of Nyasa Production Studio on January 15, 2010. The name for their studio got derived from Sumeet’s freelancing experience of working. As he rightly mentioned ‘Nyas means infusing life in an object,’ the duo got their first rented office identity at Paldi. This cornerstone flashed out in the direction and thrust of creativity, breaking the mundane corporate routine and seeking work satisfaction. Nyasa is well known for polished designs and high deliverables – conversions out of digital marketing! From a miniature one table working space in Pladi where the duo used to work on a laptop bought on credit to now a substantial studio of 35 team members working is a diligent shift in an entrepreneurial journey. 

When passion met consistency

The story of prolific duo highlights Sumeet & Rahul’s passionate behaviour and attitude towards their field of work. Both of them packed their passion and came back to Ahmedabad leaving behind mega cities of Mumbai & Banglore. Since they had a common interest, the duo also shared a similar thought of ‘Mazza nahi aa raha’ with their 9-6 job. They delve with azest to start working from the scratch and just keep on doing-trying everything possible! While enjoying their work and putting 100% efforts to every project, the footfall of clients gradually started increasing. From 2010-2013, the duo constantly worked, networked extremely hard without taking any breaks or holidays. They used to work day in and out with an only mission-vision to survive in the world. The ultimatum was the flow of work the prolific duo was enjoying tirelessly! Such late night expeditions and long hours of consistency paved them success in their shared entrepreneurial journey. 

Value infused work model

Honesty is the core aspect of the Nyasa and its founders. The prolific duo strongly believed in creating a healthy environment to work smoothly. Hence they initiated a value based company on a motto of standing strong with trust & honesty. Since their early days, Rahul & Sumeet were clear on not lying. They designed an ideology to work as per bandwidth and not spreading any false expectation to clients. In order to promote good culture around, they even hired people who were sincere and the duo supported them to uplift their skillsets. Meeting the client expectation and working with pace forged Nyasa to a credible stage. Trustworthiness has retained and maintained client + employee relationship of over a decade long says Sumeet as he believes that good people elevates motivation

Key highlights aka takeaways: 

Discussing about key learnings from entrepreneurial journey, Sumeet expressed, 

“Managing and Keeping the team motivated is a task and not a challenge for which we experimented certain things on ourselves along with the team.” 

He also continued on being a motivated entrepreneur that-

“I am a family oriented and health conscious person which are the prime factors driving towards self-motivation for entrepreneurship.”

Moreover, hereon follows an overall gist of the takeaways to plunge onto curated from this duo’s entrepreneurial venture: 

  • Trust the process
  • Don’t afraid to come back and start again 
  • Enjoy your work
  • Work to gain knowledge 
  • Build a strong belief system
  • Push yourself. Keep doing. Work dedicatedly 
  • Key to success depends on: good health, family time, keeping clients and employees happy.

Hopping from a diversified career options trying corporate job, advertising & marketing, hospitality, freelancing and finally starting a company, the story of prolific duo-Sumeet & Rahul is super inspiring. Their entrepreneurial journey has been a roller coaster ride. Starting with one project to multiple, defines the duo’s potential, passion, consistency and dedication. But when passion meets consistency everything is possible. With no clear aspiration and plans in minds, the duo had a fix mindset of ‘Jaha lead milti waha pohoch jaate,’ making into an excellent Nyasa Production Studio. Though their journey initiated with limited resources, they put in their best of efforts fulfilling client needs and becoming a go-to name for content production. Story of this prolific duo holds an insightful exploration into their life journeys. As their shared interest and work motivation had a perfect amalgamation of passion and consistency, Sumeet and Rahul build up a strong, decent foundation. Kudos to the dynamics of an entrepreneur and entrepreneurial journey!

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