Blog You have to think big to be Big.

You have to think big to be Big.

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“Inside Every Problem Lies an Opportunity.”

Robert Kiyosaki

You have to think big to be Big Application name Reelo, an emerging customer engagement platform, was co-founded by Gujpreneur Parin Paresh Sanghvi utilizing such an opportunity. 

Parin Paresh Sanghvi

The journey of Reelo has its roots in the problem faced by Parkin’s father. Owner of a small-scale retail business in Ahmedabad, his father was dependent upon every customer that walked into the store for the sale. Irrespective of the high quality of garments available at the store, there was no assurance that the customer would return to the store again. Though he really wanted to help his father, at that point, he had no solution to it. Parin realized that this is a common problem faced by all small businesses across India.

Parin was working in the US and was a regular customer at Starbucks there. He even enrolled in their personalized Rewards Program. Impressed by such a personalized experience, it stuck to Parin and his brother – Prit (Co-founder of Reelo) that this is how they could help their father and numerous other people like him. They saw an enormous opportunity to leverage the rapid adoption of business and digital technology to empower Indian and Abroad retail entrepreneurs. This led to their own business venture – Reelo. The aim of the company was to provide a simple and affordable solution for problems related to customer retention and engagement for

Small and Medium-Enterprise Businesses (SMBs)   

The process of establishing Reelo, in a country like India, from scratch, is quite challenging for the majority of our customers. The merchants here are from traditional, family-run-business backgrounds who are unaware of the true potential of data and digital technology for a business. Hence, the major challenge for the co-founders was to educate these merchants and help them realize the opportunity. Having said that, because of limited resources the co-founders had to carry out every task like sales, client servicing, marketing, designing, and building the product everything on their own. They even had to deliver print materials and train the staff. In fact, the co-founders acquired the first 80-100 clients by themselves.

Today, it has been two years since the company and the co-founders have had many realizations.

1)        The need to understand the desire and pain points of every customer.

2)        The impact of a user-friendly service

3)        The importance of feedback from the customers

4)        A successful way to engage this target audience is through Direct Sales Force.

5)        The true value of the proposition for the business.

According to Parin, their initial clients were super supportive and have played a significant role in the growth story of the company. They contributed a lot to the product as well as to the various aspects of the business. 

Reelo now has a talented team of 25 experts from the industry who help businesses turn every transaction into a relationship. Parin aspires to take the company forward and make the experience accessible to SMB merchants across India. Such a development will help these merchants to build brand value and customer loyalty.

Furthermore, the company supports ‘Make in India’, an initiative launched by our PM in 2015 to empower local businesses and encourage skill-oriented labor as well. They strongly feel that the scheme lends immense support to numerous passionate native business owners across India. 

Parin has always believed in principle of– ‘How we work is just as important as what we work on.’

Thus, it is necessary to put the needs and requirements of the customer first.

Furthermore, he firmly believes that thinking big is the key to every achievement in life. The endless pursuit of achieving it is another facet of the same coin. 

Last but not least, a vital piece of advice to the Budding Entrepreneurs out there from this Gujpreneur is – “Make decisions, backed by data. Measure everything and use tools to measure everything. Setting the processes from day 1 is extremely important for a strong foundation for growth.”

Download Reelo’s app to get rewarded at the places you love!

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Meet Jatakia

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