Blog Anoli Shah: Redefining Space Designer with Peonies

Anoli Shah: Redefining Space Designer with Peonies

Sanjana Shah

In event design, where creativity knows no bounds, Anoli Shah has emerged as a prominent figure. Hailing from Ahmedabad, she is the owner of Peonies by Anoli Shah, an event design company that specialises in creating breathtaking experiences. Anoli’s journey from a passionate enthusiast to an influential event designer is an inspiring tale of self-discovery and relentless pursuit of her aesthetic vision. Struck with a love for design and an eye for beauty, she has transformed spaces and orchestrated unforgettable weddings. Let us roam into the remarkable story of Anoli Shah and her meteoric rise in the world of event planning and space designer in this blog by Gujpreneur.

Anoli Shah’s Space Designer with Peonies

On Pursuit Of Passion 

Anoli Shah’s journey as an influential event designer began serendipitously. Unmindful to her, a small act of creativity would lay the foundation for her future success. On her birthday, Anoli took charge of the decorations, showcasing her innate talent for transforming spaces. As a result her Instagram was flooded with praise and curiosity, eagerly asking about the talented designer behind the stunning decor. Confessing this, Anoli revealed that the artistic masterpiece was her own creation, thus igniting a spark within her.

Fueling the Flame

Encouraged by the overwhelming response, Anoli embraced her newfound passion for event design wholeheartedly. Driven by her innate love for aesthetics, she dove into the world of magazines, books, and Instagram, relentlessly seeking inspiration to enhance her craft. With each subsequent new project, her designs showcased her growth as she pushed the boundaries of space designer. Anoli’s keen observation skills allowed her to understand her client’s desires and personalities. That resulted into creating bespoke experiences which left lasting impressions.

The Birth of Peonies by Anoli Shah

As Anoli’s reputation spread through word-of-mouth, demand for her distinctive touch grew exponentially. Realizing the potential to turn her passion into a thriving business, she established her own event design company, Peonies by Anoli Shah. Armed with her capable team, she embarked on a journey to redefine event planning and space designer in Ahmedabad and beyond.

Weddings: A Canvas of Emotions

One of Anoli Shah’s areas of expertise is wedding design, where she weaves dreams into reality. Her approach revolves around understanding the aspirations and personalities of her clients. Through thorough speculation, Anoli creates customized wedding decor that reflects the couple’s unique essence. Whether it’s a whimsical garden affair or an opulent royal celebration, her designs breathe life into spaces, enveloping guests in an enchanting ambiance.

Sharing Insights and Inspiring Others

Anoli Shah’s journey being in design through various mediums and then studying fashion design inculcated design aesthetics from within has inspired countless individuals to follow their passion. Through her blog on Gujpreneur, she shares invaluable insights and personal anecdotes, guiding aspiring event designers and space enthusiasts. Her experiences, coupled with her unwavering dedication to aesthetics, serve as a beacon of inspiration for those aspiring to carve their niche in the world of event planning and space design.

Space Designer: Anoli Shah’s Artistry 

Anoli Shah’s love for design extends beyond weddings. She is a fervent advocate of space design, constantly seeking innovative ways to transform environments into captivating experiences. With a keen eye for detail, Anoli curates every space element, blending colors, textures, magnificent structures, and aesthetics to create visually stunning compositions. Her meticulous approach to space design allows her to infuse a sense of wonder and elegance into private gatherings, and social functions.

Event Designer’s Success Mantra

Speaking of what success looks like to the Peonies owner says, “ Dreaming endlessly and bringing it to life. I believe in Never give up on things attitude. This is what I believe my success is. Setting happiness is my top priority and that’s how I see myself as successful by doing what I love doing.”

A Favourite Mistake

The wedding designer considers her Fortuitous mistake as “Many times it happens that things don’t arrive on desired time. You need to handle the budget, clients, and everything intact and due to this if we may lose on things, flowers are the best options that always works for us. But this is quite rare for us. Though we try to deliver the best version we can.”

Envisioning The Mission

At Peonies, Anoli Shah’s mission is to enhance self-expression and curate thoughtful events that clients will treasure. Contemporary India and minimalism are their playgrounds. Peonies is perceived with the vision to bring about a change in the landscape of weddings in contemporary India. The studio leaves no stone unturned in making sure the day is etched in the hearts of not only the couple but the guests too.

Things Nobody Tells You But Your Business 

  • Details what makes the Design.
  • People consider this as a quite glamorous industry, which it is but the hard work is as similar as moving mountains.
  • You really need to be different each damn time. 
  • Be practical and make a balance between things.
  • Be in the zen mode because you can easily get carried away here. 


Anoli Shah’s rise as an influential event designer showcases the power of passion, creativity, and relentless pursuit. Her journey, from humble beginnings to owning her own successful event design company, is a testament to the transformative power of following one’s dreams. With her remarkable talent and unwavering dedication to aesthetic excellence, she continues to redefine space design and inspire others in the industry. We hope this blog has motivated you to pursue your dreams too. Keep reading.

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Sanjana Shah

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