Capturing life through a doctor’s lens!

“Doing a noble job serves conscience, but doing a noble job while following a passion serves heart and soul.”

In a tête-à-tête with Gujpreneur is one such amazing human Doctor Urvish Joshi.

Dr. Urvish was born and raised in Ahmedabad, pursued MBBS and MD from Government Medical College of Jamnagar, and two fellowships from prestigious Johns Hopkins University and School of Public Health , USA. Presently is serving as a Faculty of Public Health (Community Medicine) at a Medical College in the city. Simultaneously he is passionate about photography with a particular interest in portraiture, street, and travel.

Every passion has its own journey and Dr. Urvish’s journey began when he inherited a film(analogue) camera from his father during his undergraduate MBBS days 20 years back. Photography gave him the much needed break and vent in his arduous medical studies. He used to excitingly participate in various photography events. His hostel terrace and local streets became his exhibition spots, wherein he displayed all that he had learned or read.

With various struggles of managing pocket money and maintaining the manual settings of camera, he had understood all the challenges behind photography and it gave him peace and satisfaction.

His first solo exhibition took place at Ahmedabad in 2003. Later in 2005, like-minded individuals came together and formed The Photography Club of Ahmedabad. It served as a beautiful learning and sharing platform for everyone for quite some years with more than 1000 members at one point of time. Photo-walks, workshops on various genres of photography, etc was a routine for this group.

While pursuing his MD, Dr. Urvish had to go to the farthest of villages and toughest of terrains in the state. The camera though was always his companion in those years. The transitions from analogue cameras to compact cameras to DSLRs and finally Mirrorless cameras happened parallel.  

Earlier Dr. Urvish used to travel for academics and later for his passion. It helped him in understanding different cultures and human civilizations, be it rustic and raw city of Varanasi, the architectural marvels of Hampi, the bustling streets of Pushkar or the serenity of wide stretched ranges of Himalayas or the different experiences of New Zealand, Scotland, England or USA. 

HKD Urvish Joshi (April 18)-721
Captured by Dr Urvish Joshi

He has participated in several photography competitions and won numerous national and International awards. Besides contests in several prestigious salons and photo-forums across the world, his works also got featured at London, New York, Sydney, Chennai, Kolkata, Howrah, Bangalore, Palakkad, Lucknow and Ahmedabad in various shows and exhibitions and photo magazines. 

Soon the royalty-based commissioned work started with his small association with the House of MG, Ahmedabad which eventually went up to selling images worldwide by royalty-based stock images or for personal collections.

Meanwhile pursuing his passion, Dr. Urvish had been an academician in medicine and gradually even in photography. He taught photography as an honorary faculty at St Xavier’s College, HL Commerce college and Nav Gujarat Institute, Ahmedabad.

“Art liberates. That’s the best part of photography.”

According to Dr. Urvish , every field requires innovation with experimentation. Similarly, in photography one needs to re-invent continuously but in artistic fields like photography, people get stuck in a time frame, in a mould. Debates of old v/s new, edited v/s unedited, scripted v/s non-scripted and commercial v/s free etc. generate from such mindsets. With so much of knowledge available on the internet at finger-tips, he believes there couldn’t be a better time to look beyond our confinements, look at what’s happening in the world outside in photography and imbibe the good practices.

“Do not shoot for others. Shoot that pleases you first.”

-Dr. Urvish

Dr. Urvish leaves budding photographers with a tip, “Art comes from within. Getting your own portfolio/work reviewed, criticised curated by people whose sensibilities you believe in, is a sure-shot way to improve. Also, exploring different art forms helps in getting inspired, e.g. watching cinemas or reading books of different genres, etc.”


  • Manish Mehta
    September 2, 2020 at 6:15 am

    Having photography as a hobby, being MD and still nurturing the hobby with so much involved and engrossed efforts with time and so much of care, really deserves appreciation. Being Dr. and with so much of passion for photography, really impressed me. It’s not easy to cope up with stressed medical line with passionate
    successful journey of photography. Having mastered in both, Dr. Joshi deserves all the success and heartiest congratulations from one and all. Indeed he has captured successful career and beautiful life with equally beautiful lens.

  • Manish Mehta
    September 2, 2020 at 6:43 am

    Really impressed to read the journey of Dr. going after lens. Dr. Joshi has done what normal people can’t think of!! Yes, being Dr. and having such a passion for photography is rare. Moreover by not keeping just hobby at normal level, taking hobby to highest success level and still trying with involved efforts for better output is really amazing. Wishing Dr. Joshi all the professional Success with same zeal, enthusiasm and non tiring life ahead.

  • Vishva Patel
    September 2, 2020 at 7:34 am

    One of the great docs I know!


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