Blog A corporate in the steel industry to a strong Entrepreneur!

A corporate in the steel industry to a strong Entrepreneur!

Meet Jatakia

“A mother is a daughter’s best friend and the best inspiration.”

Such is the story of Ankita Ramesh Bohra. She is the founder and owner of Anjana Bohra, a clothing line inspired by her mother’s name. 

The Brand revolves around Ethnic Indian

Her brand revolves around Ethnic Indian wear applying various crafts of India. She started this venture in 2013, took a sabbatical for a while, and was back in the game by 2018. Ankita loves to dress up and naturally got compliments for the same. Rather than just saying Thank You, she actually turned her passion into her Profession.

9 to 5 workers in the steel industry

From being a 9 to 5 worker in the steel industry to realizing her steel strong will to become an Entrepreneur, she had a journey with many ups and downs. Being a part of a capital-intensive industry that thrived on new ideas and trends, Ankita had a rough patch to begin.

But as said, The ones who begin are the ones in the race. She began her hustle with her father lending her a lac rupees for an exhibition set and then a tiny rack at home. She held meetings with clients in small rooms, tried putting forth her ideas, drew sketches, and juggled between inventory and a lot more.

From this struggle saga of workplace arrangements, managing labor, people stealing work and claiming it as their own on a social media platform, and shifting various places from a tiny place to a small workshop to now finally launching a store of her own, Ankita never backed down. From beginning solo and struggling with finances, capital, and gigs to running a store of her own with a team of dedicated and amazing 9 individuals she can call family, things turned out pretty well.

Along this roller-coaster ride-like a journey

Along this roller-coaster ride like a journey, Ankita learned that despite being slow in the race, she can win it. Work is the only constant with all aspects ranging from financial independence, emotional state, and respect in the world.

If you don’t take your work seriously no one will take you seriously.”, so she advises you to work with dedication in the time you have because Time once gone is gone forever.

As a strong supporter of the Make in India movement, Ankita’s products are hand-made in India with the help of our own people right from scratch. With her personal store being her biggest achievement to date, she believes in the mantra that “Comfortable fabrics and silhouettes in lightweight shall be the new trend.”

With immense support and constructive criticism from her family and friends, today Ankita has come a long way. She would always leave people with a tip “Plan, work towards your goal and execute it”. She strongly emphasizes managing the finances and working towards the dream.

In the future, she plans to come up with a range of unique Indian Formals under ₹5000. She is also working on providing an Online platform for her clients.

“A dream is something that doesn’t let you sleep.”

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Meet Jatakia

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