Blog Hard work pays off !

Hard work pays off !

Meet Jatakia

A Self-Made man? Yes, & the One Who Worships the Creator!”

Born in the region of Saurashtra, Sumit Bharodiya – The Maker at ‘The Shake Maker’ is one such man & a Gujpreneur!

The Shake Maker, a popular brand for heavenly shakes, was introduced to the local Shake’o’holics in the year 2014. Since then, the brand has grown immensely, apprising a tale of its own.

A recent post on social media talked about some major brands which were born during The Great Recession of 2007-2009. Well, the success story of Sumit Bharodiya has origins in this period, as well. Sumit was a student of Engineering while his family was involved in the business of Paper Padiya.
The business, hit by the recession, suffered huge losses and the family entered a grave financial situation. Sumit was unaware of the situation. He got to know only when his house was sold to pay his tuition fees. Deeply aghast by the situation, he decided to restore his parents’ hard-earned savings and make them proud.

Soon, Sumit completed his studies and started looking for ideas to start a business. As they say, answers are only gained by the ones who seek them. One day when Sumit was hanging out with his friends, he noticed that the F&B industry had a huge scope. Soon, he did extensive research on the Food & Beverage industry. After exploring and with a vision for the future, he finalized on starting a venture which serves deliciously sweet Desserts.

Talking about the journey, it has been quite challenging. Lack of business knowledge and financial mismanagement caused a lot of problems in the early days. Furthermore, due to the exhausted capital of the family, there were no funds to start the business. So, he had to borrow a lump sum amount from a relative. That year, there was no profit at all. The storm did not stop there.

The borrowed money had to be returned. They were unable to pay the rent of the store they had rented, so the landlord shut the outlet. Shattered and lost Sumit, cried for the first time; and when a man cries, you know the crisis is deep and real.

But courage holds the hand of the worthy. With the support of his family, the first official outlet of The Shake Maker was opened in 2014. Within a few days, the outlet was a hit among many customers and business owners. While the customers were enjoying the thick shakes; business owners were looking for prospects of opening a franchise. By the looks of both parties, it was clear that The Shake Maker was about to make a breakthrough.

They celebrated 6 years of the brand in 2020. TSM now has 26 outlets in 9 cities across 3 major states of India. The success story of the brand is also being shared on various platforms like Tedx, AMA, and many more.

And yes, as he aspired, Sumit built his parent’s lost dream home and restored their pride. He dedicates his success to his family. He feels that the joy of building a dream home for his parents is no match for his professional success. The Shake maker plans to come up with more scrumptious desserts and also make the brand ‘global’ in the coming years.

The world is full of opportunities and happiness. So, if you want to do something in your life, don’t wait for the right time. Take a notebook and pen and start working on it.” – the advise by our Shake Maker.

We truly feel this joy and motivation of every Gujpreneur is what makes them the brightest star of the sky.
Such is the journey of this young and successful Gujpreneur. What is yours? You can check out the list of yummy shakes at

We will come up with many more inspiring stories. Stay tuned!

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Meet Jatakia

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