International Kite Festival – a spectacular tale to cherish! 

Updated February 23, 2024

Soaring the magnificent celebrations at Sabarmati Riverfront.

India is a land of incredible festivities. Millions of hearts gather to celebrate their culture and tradition each year and almost every month. Kite flying is one such occasion. It’s been commemorated across India in various forms, names, and during different months. Kite flying here in Gujarat is celebrated on precise dates of January i.e. 14th & 15th every year. And Flying the Strings of Joy at International Kite Festival is a spectacular tale to cherish! The festival has significant connection deep rooted with the agriculture sector. It sets the ending tone of winters and kick-start towards harvesting season.

The Exuberance of International Kite Festival

Since 1989, the heart of Ahmedabad is hosting International Kite Festival wherein master kite flyers from across boarders visit Ahmedabad to experience this exuberance. It is the new year season’s first festival to experience a spectacular funfair tale. It takes place on the grounds of Sabarmati Riverfront. The sight is surreal and a zestful surrounding to spend the best of holiday. It’s a competition among kite masters who hone the skills. The day starts off with the flyers parade, accompanied with their respected kites that associates their country and culture. The participants turn the skies into colourful shades forming unique designs of art with the varieties of kite. The area also has traditional and authentic gujju food stalls including the speciality of Undhiyu, Jalebi, Chiki, and many more. Alongside the sight is filled with cultural evening to experience folk music, dance wherein celebrities to local folk artists participate showcasing their talents. Other than this, if you are someone who is not into kite flying then also the place belongs to you as the to-do list is endless.

Celebrating Uttarayan at Sabarmati Riverfront-bringing world together

The Sabarmati Riverfront becomes a hub of attraction for people across world to participate in the kite festival ceremony. Interestingly, there anre a couple of Gujarati names associated with Kite Flying festival line ‘Uttarayan’ & ‘Makar Sakranti’. These names embarks the journey of sun towards north direction and initiating the transition of summer season from winters. During the International Kite Festival, one can also visit Kite Museum at Sanskar Kendra situated in Paldi area of Ahmedabad. This fest helps city and citizens to develop economically also. Additionally, the Sabarmati riverfront has the capacity to accommodate about 500,000 people during the festival. The upcoming dates to experience the fest is from 8th to 14th January where you will get to acquaint with the vibrancy of kite flying festival.

The Illuminatus Evening at International Kite Festival

While narrating about International Kite festival, one cannot miss upon the old city’s vibe during this fest as it reflects the real essence of kite flying festival. There are age old craftsmen who are into the business of kite making and its thread. Since generations, they hold a record breaking business if one documents it thoroughly! From dusk and beyond dawn, the skies during kite festival is seen filled with colourful artistic paperwork in the form of rhombus shaped kites. And even the night isn’t the time to wrap up the festival as during the night people of Gujarat are power packed with white kites and ‘Tukalas’ (illuminated kites). This adds up the beauty of night sky giving eye-soothing sight. As people gather in groups on rooftops, embraces the festival to the fullest with high energy ending it on Garba and Food notes!  

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