Blog Fitness N Resolution: Every New Year’s Go-to combo pack!

Fitness N Resolution: Every New Year’s Go-to combo pack!

Sakshi bhatt

The resolution we always take on to but we don’t keep on to. 
The love-hate relationship with fitness n resolution is very common among all of us. It’s like “Every New Year’s Go-to combo pack!”. And it’s perfectly fine if with the onset of every new year’s calendar, we tend to resolute upon new things majorly that age-old gym membership. To pinpoint what’s not okay is one’s attitude towards healthy lifestyle. One should be aware about the lifestyle they delve into and be conscious while doing the basic necessities of life namely sleeping, eating, moving. 

Embarking on a fitness journey is more than just building up your physique; it’s a transformative process that rejuvenates mind, body, and spirit. And it begins by setting clear, achievable goals that align with one’s aspirations and lifestyle. Remember, this journey is uniquely yours, and it’s vital to approach it with patience and commitment. 

As the new year bell chimes, the urge of going fitness freak is the most common resolution to bound on! But there’s a vital thing that needs to be followed on priority. One needs to set the routine and have jotted the proper time slots for three meals a day & sound sleep. It’s also crucial to have been moving at the correct intervals. But in such hectic lifestyle where one can’t take up any extra time, you can take stairs, walk small distance to get moving and keep up with the healthy life breaking from sedentary lifestyle!   

Here’s nourishing list curated from the fitness experts on leading a healthy lifestyle:

Fitness must not be a resolution; it must be a lifestyle.

girish sitlani, fitness trainer

  • Meditate daily for at least 10 minutes.
  • Fasting is must to regenerate on cellular level.
  • Start with simple things like walking.
  • Play one sport of your choice.
  • If it seems boring in the starting it’s because you are not habituated keep going whatever type of workout you like.
  • Never compare your level 1 with someone’s level 10 as everyone started with the basics from level one.

The eminent key takeaway from the Girish’s fitness advice is to have a ‘Consistency.’ As it will boost your results, gaining your confidence to continue with the process. Moreover, the fitness professional quotes that “You are what you eat” which suggests to have a mindful eating. This eating habit may not particularly mean to have a full-fledged dieting but one can try curbing that extra calories and unwanted sugar intake to keep oneself fresh and active! 

If the gym isn’t calling your name, there are countless alternatives to explore.

Dhvaj haira, snooker player
  • Transform your home into a personal workout space
  • Go for bodyweight exercises, yoga, or quick cardio blast including High Knees, Butt Kicks. 
  • Workout with Jump Ropes

Dhvaj motivates us with a reminder that the journey to ‘fitness is diverse,’ and finding what excites you is key. Notably, the snooker player also wishes to have a year of health, happiness, and workouts that work for you.  It’s prime to spare time for yourself, doing exercise routine and finding what suites you making yourself fit!

The biggest thing about resolution is extending to new energies where everyone needs to make smaller resolutions to stick

MRUNAL VED, founder of fitformance
  • Make smaller, minor fitness goals and resolutions for new year.
  • Don’t plan 300 days’ routine, make 3 times a week workout plan.
  • Start with one habit of exercising and then add on to habits.
  • Quit one thing once in a week like no sugar intake day.

Mrunal suggests that the minor goals will lead to positive results and spiral consistency. Furthermore, he compels to go a fitness mantra=smaller things > smaller goals > smaller achievements. Since the longer goals will take longer duration for the result outcome, it is better to follow baby steps leading to positive results for fit life. 

Welcome new year 2024 with advices from the fitness experts and elevate to a healthy-fit lifestyle. Set your resolutions and start prioritising yourself. In the smart era of tech-smart world, resolute well-being. The year is yours, sign into healthiness, and do what’s there on your checklist. Get moving, Get life! 

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Sakshi bhatt

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