Small innovations make human lives better

Updated January 25, 2023

“In business, often it is the young generation that brings new things on the table.”

Aditya Chokshi belongs to one such generation.

Introduction of the Gujpreneur

Engineer turned Gujpreneur, Aditya Chokshi is the IInd generation successor of the most well-known retail Optical Showrooms of Ahmedabad – Laxmi Opticians. This 30-year-old company is also one of the major eye-care practitioners in the city.

About the Young Talent – Aditya Chokshi

Aditya has been fascinated by technology all his life. He enjoys how small innovations make human lives better. And this compelled him to pursue Mechanical Engineering. He cherished learning about machines and their operation.

While he was doing so, he saw a glitch. He realized that technology can make a breakthrough in his family’s optical business. Most importantly, it can enhance the service for the customers. Hence, the use of the latest technologies could benefit both, the customers and the company.

This realization made him join his family business about 10 years ago.

Influence of a New Generation on the Optical Business

Laxmi Opticians offered only basic optical services before Aditya joined. There were spectacles and sunglasses with frames and appropriate care was provided. Nothing more. Even back then the Proprietorship company was a much-trusted retail showroom. And yet, there was a dearth of innovation to make it the best optical showroom in the city.

But after Aditya took the reins of the company, he added a whole new dimension to it. He introduced Contact lenses and Automatic Robotic Technology into the business and also brought international brands to the showrooms of company. He also started Automatic Spectacle Lens Fitting Units too. The customer service level has been up considerably. Besides, he has also started a new brand.       

Such is the power of innovation and a new generation.

Ups and Downs in the Career of the Gujpreneur

Here are some Ups and Downs in the career of the Gujpreneur.


  • Customer Satisfaction: This is the most satisfying and motivating part of the business.
  • Meeting New People: Every new customer brings new stories with them. These stories inspire and motivate Aditya to become a better person and a better Gujpreneur.
  • Awards: Laxmi Opticians received the ‘Best Marketing Initiative Award (All India) from a leading magazine writing for the optical industry. 


  • Driving the Retail Business: Retail Business is not easy as it appears to be. Over the years, Aditya has faced major challenges in attracting and retaining clients.
  • Long Working Hours: This can’t be avoided at all.

In spite of these Ups and Downs, Aditya never stops. He sees every challenge as an opportunity and eventually succeeds in grabbing it. This is a key trait every Gujpreneur must have.

Future plans for the Optical Company

The future of the company and the optical industry is bright. Credits to the ‘AtmaNirbhar Bharat’ initiative of our honorable PM Narendra Modi.  It will boost the sale and manufacturing of Spectacle Frames (Handmade Acetate). Although, the unorganized market players will gradually disappear. And organized companies will strive through with the help of the right practices.

Moreover, Laxmi Opticians is all set to expand its new brand across various cities of Gujarat in a span of 5 years. 

Useful Tips for Aspiring Gujpreneurs
If you wish to enter the retail sector, keep a database. This database will prove to be your goldmine in the near future and times beyond it.”,
says the Gujpreneur.
“However, also keep a keen eye on the latest innovations. Implement them too.”
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