Blog Minimalism: A lifestyle and a Style Statement!

Minimalism: A lifestyle and a Style Statement!

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Jewellery isn’t always an asset, but a career too. Two such remarkable Shepreneurs who proved this fact are Ayushi Thakkar and Zinal Vora. These two young ladies are Co-founders of the jewelry label One Nought One One (1011). They believe in minimalism as a new fashion statement.

1011 solely run by Ayushi and Zinal focuses on designing handcrafted and statement jewelry generally made out of brass. They hold an amazing range of rings, neckpieces, and earrings. Their constant goal is to portray the chic factor in their jewelry that is versatile with every look.

Zinal and Ayushi had graduated college together and threw an impromptu exhibition in their hometown Ahmedabad and that was their starting point. The label 1011 began about 3 years ago and since then Ayushi and Zinal have never failed to deviate from the idea of representing themselves with their work.

The journey for them had always been a gradual and varied one. In the early times, they did exhibitions all over India and tried to make a place in the digital market. 

Gradually 1011 took its pace when Bollywood celebs like Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Kalki Koechlin, and Ileana D’cruz started wearing jewelry designed by them. Soon they made a place on shelves of stores like Ogaan, Jaypore, Nimai, Clove, and Bunosilo across India. They even got featured in magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue under the heading “7 jewelry brands under our radar”. 

Things had started pacing up and achieving all of this recognition while being just a homegrown start-up wasn’t easy for them. With the cut-throat competition in this stream, it becomes difficult for one to survive.

They’ve faced a whole set of challenges along the way as well. The minimal returns and re-investing the same in inventory and increasing the reach have been major challenges. With various such challenges, flexibility in working hours comes in handy with a shortage of proper commitment on the other hand.

There is an inspiration behind each collection of 1011. They get inspired by various ways, beliefs, and thoughts of people around them and even the things that surround them. With a strong belief in authentic work, all 6 collections designed by them to date have been inspired by the plethora of things around.

Minimalism is a lifestyle and a Style Statement!

People have slowly started to grasp the concept of chic, subtle, and lightweight jewelry that gives them a minimalistic yet classy look. That is where the future for brands like 1011 looks bright and growing.

Talking about the future goals of 1011, Ayushi and Zinal look forward to reaching the maximum target audience, being present in each and every nook and creek possible around the world while establishing a brand name and a brand value to their venture as well as themselves. 

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Meet Jatakia

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