Blog Tourism Triumphs: Celebrating National Tourism Day

Tourism Triumphs: Celebrating National Tourism Day

Sakshi bhatt

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

Saint Augustine

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India has an enriching tourism belt that sets the inspiring plot for a travelogue. The saying by Saint Augustine holds true subtly as it’s apt that world is a book and travelling adds up to seeing and experiencing newness. One of the 7 Wonders of the World is located in India that proves our land’s prosperity as illustrious tourist place along with leading its economy through various other sectors as well.

Tourism Triumphs with celebrating the National Tourism Day that falls on 25th January every year for India. Amidst 1948 ; the Indian government established a Ministry of Tourism and Communication to look after the affairs and development of the tourism sector. And thereon we as a nation of flourished tourism essence, embarked our National Tourism Day on 25thJanuary. Sustainable Journeys, Timeless Memories, is the theme of this year’s—2024 Tourism Day. The central theme is majorly emphasized upon the concept of responsible and mindful travel. Celebrating National Tourism day, increases the public understanding of the social, political, economic, and cultural ideals that ultimately influence travel. The day is dedicated to thanking the numerous tourists who come to our nation each year to experience its customs, history, and cuisine. 

Indian economy notes $220 billion contribution from tourism sector every year. This data is according to the World Travel and Tourism Council. This indicates that every state of India has something on its platter of tourism . Since India is an inclusive nation that has balanced seasons it is bound to have tourist attraction! Interestingly, Gujarat blooms in this tourism sector as the talk ultimately lies upon business that’s a synonym of Gujarat. Gujarat leads to significant growth in tourism sector. As per Indian Tourism Statistics 2023 –

1. Gujarat ranks 1st in India in terms of Foreign Tourists.
2. Ranks 5th in terms of Domestic Tourist.
3. The GDP of Gujarat in 2022 reported 10.2% contribution from its tourist sector.
4. Gujarat captured a footfall of 1.78 million Foreign Tourists and 135.81 million Domestic Tourists.

Gujarat tourism isn’t limited to particular parameters or spots. The list is endless where tourism triumphs with multiple modes. To name them – Wildlife, Cultural & Heritage, Health, Religious tourism are the segments of Gujarat. And all these branches of tourism have led to a strong infrastructural development in Gujarat. Gujarat Tourism not only brings revenue directly through hospitality and entertainment sectors but also stimulates related industries like handicrafts, transportation, and local businesses. Additionally, it generates employment, offering jobs opportunities for guides, hotel staff, artisans, and various service providers. The state’s investment in infrastructure, including well-maintained roads, airports, and hospitality facilities, has enhanced the overall tourist experience. The development of tourist-friendly initiatives and events, such as the Navratri festival and International Kite Festival, has further diversified the tourism offerings.

As Gujarat continues to position itself as a premier tourist destination, the “Khushbu Gujarat ki” has maintained a sustainable growth. This contributes significantly to the state’s economic prosperity, fostering cultural exchange, environmental conservation, and socio-economic development. Both the urban and rural areas of Gujarat have tons of tourist places to explore and rejuvenate. To spot the light upon certain vibrant places of Gujarat to visit includes Sasan Gir forest, Rani kiVav, Gandhi Ashram, Dumas Beach, Statute of Unity, Jama Masjid, Adalaj Stepwell and many more exciting destinations are situated in the state. All four corners of Gujarat—north, south, east, west is flooded with scenic beauty, adventurous activities, and of course lip-smacking delicacies. The extravagant and classic sites of Gujarat attracts visitors, making its tourism sector triumphant.

The celebration of National Tourism Day sparks travel, adventure, wanderlust stories in a row and one’s soul gets a zestful mode turned on. A desire to cherish memories on roads, in the woods gets rolling with the word Tourism and whether someone is a travel enthusiast or not, can’t stop themselves from having a sight of tourism and especially Gujarat’s tourism. So, bring yourself out from that unwanted FOMO and get ready with your bag pack to unleash the unexplored tourism of India!

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Sakshi bhatt

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