Why Dhandho means everything for Gujarati?

“Bhai, dhandho j karwano, Nokari ma kai nathi.”

(Brother, we meant for business, not for a job.)

Another humor they always relate to the business is.

“Gujarati dhandho Kari pan le and dhandhe lagadi pan de”

(Gujaratis can do business and put you in trouble with the same business.)

You may often listen above words from the Gujarati community people across the world. Yes, I mean the “across the world” phrase because they scattered across the world. Wherever they go, they carry business mindset with them.

Generally, they do not do a job because their business acumen is irreplaceable. They know how to churn out the money from things they have in their hand or around them.

The people already have skills or have it in heredity, but never used in their full potential. By the times passes, people shift their career and skills wane off. Those skills are still in their genes, and all it takes is just polishing.

Gujarat in the map of India

Gujarat is the state on the western coast of India, with a coastline of 1600 km. The land of Gujarat has given many leaders, scientists, businesspersons, artists, politicians, doctors, lawyers and influencers to the world. They are passionate, negotiator and risk-takers when it comes to building a great business.

They are devoted to the development and growth of the root state too. It does not matter to establish their business or living out of Gujarat, but the connection is always there. They are the master of Oil refineries, Coal Mines, Food & Beverages, Engineering, Hospitality, Textile, Medical, Research & Development, Pharmaceutical and Dimond industries. All it takes to achieve is their nature and business mindset to convert any opportunity into the business.

Man checking Diamond

In the early era of Gujarat, the income source was farming. The potential for further development of society was questionable. The farmer class of the people decided to migrate to other countries for business purposes. They moved to The United States of America, Kenya, Uganda and London for business purposes. After struggling for a few years, they confirmed their establishment in those countries. In the United States of America, there is more than 40% of hospitality industries are ruled by the Gujaratis. Farmer class of Gujarat with surname “Patel” started their motel chains in the USA and due to their success that industry known as “Potels”.

Patel Motel in US

The happy go lucky and friendly nature makes them acceptable by society. They bring business acumen by birth, which made them a good negotiator.

A lot to say about the land of kind-hearted people, they left their identity in a different part of the world. The younger generation is following the same path of their ancestors, with traditional wisdom and modern approach of applicability. Gujaratis quickly adapt to different cultural backgrounds, which makes them succeed wherever they live.

The qualities such as negotiation, business acumen, risk-taking ability, passion and leadership are worth learning. The purpose of educating the young generation who are jumping into new businesses with these qualities is essential. Their idea of passing on the business legacy to their younger generation is offbeat, which makes them unbeatable.

“Mor na inda chitarava na pade.”

You do not have to paint peacock eggs

It is a proverb in Gujarati, which says whatever qualities you perceive, derived from your ancestors. The wisdom, business acumen and leadership are what Gujaratis learn from their ancestors.

We bring you the idea, knowledge and opportunity to explore one of the impactful community.

Stay here with us. It is just a beginning.

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