Blog 9834-The Fruit Truck Story

9834-The Fruit Truck Story

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“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

-Dr. Seuss

Parth Piyush Mehta is one such person. He was born to not just stand out but to identify ideas that stand out as well. Parth Mehta, the founder of ” 9834The Fruit Truck ” noticed one such idea that changed everything for him.

Upon being asked the origin story of 9834 The Fruit Truck, Parth recalls the amusing part wherein he landed in Bangalore to find out about various businesses, of which the business of Food Truck caught his attention. He saw unique Food Trucks that sold everything on them with a big smile and the people loved every bit of it. That’s when the idea struck him to open a food truck.

“9834-The Fruit Truck” – The brand was started with a passion for doing something Hatke in life, and upon loads of research and analysis, Parth realized that his food truck would be The first Fruit Food truck. This idea was just enough to get him started.

Research about various fruits, consultations from friends and family, menu designing, and everything began from scratch to create the wonder called 9834-The Fruit Truck. The Fruit Truck was started in 2015 and now has 10 outlets. Within 4 years they have grown out with a lot to learn.

It isn’t enough to think outside the box. Thinking is passive. Get used to acting outside the box

Tim Ferriss


Such out-of-the-box thinking and acting are what Parth strongly believes in. In fact, his firm is even named “OUT OF THE BOX”. Being worried about his future he got into the business. But upon discussing ideas with his dad who motivated him; he implemented his ideas without worrying about what consequences awaited.

The biggest struggles they’ve faced until now are with finding and managing the correct HR in this field. Once having control of what people are willing to pay the rest is just HR and Logistics. Another set of struggles is the uneasy variance in the working hours ranging from late nights for storing the accounts to the earliest mornings for spending those amounts to find the best produce.


One of the highest and most memorable moments of Parth’s journey would be when the trial week of the truck did a record business with immense support from family and friends. Only with a menu serving 10 items, they did do an impeccable job. Then comes the moment like “Have a happy weekend on the truck with happy customers. And with a happy face, we tell customers that we are “STOCK OUT FOR THE DAY”.

“The next juice that someone orders should be the best that you have ever made, though you can’t control what is inside the fruit but whatever goes from the kitchen should be your best.”

-Parth Mehta
Parth particularly loves to play around with fruits and their tastes. He tries to bring something new for the people to get the best taste of the natural gift that God has given.

“For people, the team is family, but for them, family is the team.”

Enjoying his life

His team includes his retired dad in an advisory position whilst enjoying his life, his fiancé, who is the backbone of the company and keeps an eye on each step while she works with an IT FIRM, and his amazing mom who is the accountant of the firm managing the expense. With a huge number of members in the team, there is no specific hierarchy and everyone plays an equal role.  

Parth follows a few Mantras and Tips having reached here. Some of it is as;

Mantra: To spread and share the common love of food with more and more happy customers.

Tips: “Don’t take a LOAN if you are starting an F&B business. If you have money in your kitty just do it, if not please never take a LOAN.”

In the future for this business, Parth looks forward to taking the company globally. He wants to grow by the means of franchising and by the end of three years make the name “9834-The Fruit Truck” a synonym for fresh fruit juices

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