A lead in Restaurant Consultancy: Sujit Mehta 

Gujpreneur brings to you Sujit Mehta‘s success story. A lead-in restaurant consultancy business who calls himself a chefpreneur and foodie at heart. WeServe is an Award-Winning Premier Restaurant Consultancy in Ahmedabad co-founded by Sujit Mehta.

The ideation of initiating a hospitality consulting firm can be traced back right to the childhood of Sujit when he loved everything about food. Right from cooking to serving and also eating! He had the ardent desire to help the restaurants use quality ingredients in the most palatable manner and serve food in the most unique way. That gave birth to WeServe.

Sujit Mehta cofounder of WeServe.
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“I Want To Enjoy My Life, And Food Is A Big Part Of It.”

Sujit Mehta himself is a graduate of the Swiss Hotel Management School, Switzerland. He carries the vision to create restaurants serving vegetarian cuisine and make it reach the zenith. Being surrounded around food in any way makes him happy so he assures that he does that and experiences joy. 

He has already embarked on the creation of some iconic & popular restaurants in Ahmedabad like – The Cooking Culture and Shreekunj Mandapam. He thanks the people of the city for being supportive. 

Milestones of Sujit’s Journey in Restaurant Business

While sharing his idea of success and the milestones of his journey, he proudly says it is the consistency and quality that makes one reach heights. Consistency and Quality not just in the food served in the restaurants but also in the ambiance they have. That feature has paved the way toward the glory and will continue to wow people. 

Challenges of Restaurant Business and its resolution

Sujit, on the other hand, explains the hotel sector is a labor-intensive profession. Sticking to trained staff and watching them improve has been the solution to many of the challenges he has experienced as a restaurant consultant in Ahmedabad.

Sujit Mehta briefing his team.
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Sujit’s Mantra for Success in Restaurant Consultancy

“There is no substitute to hard work!”

The entrepreneur believes, “Hard work and getting all the minor of the things right lets you be successful”.

With utmost sincerity, Sujit says no matter how much glamorous it appears to be, however, in actual sense, it is the back end that takes a lot of effort and dedication. 

A mundane day schedule that is not so mundane

The day starts with the workout leading to meetings and planning of future growth of the firm while the second half of the day passes by in looking closely into the operations of restaurants and communicating with consumers. 

The inspiration Sujit looks up at

Vikram Oberoi, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Oberoi group and Gordon Ramsay inspire him because of the strong foundation to the magnificent growth they both led towards. 

 A word of Direction for the young aspiring entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur means you should be aware and be able to delegate your work wisely. Get on the top of things. 

Taking a look at innovative ideas helps him cheer up whenever he feels demotivated or swamped in anything. This has made him envision the dream of manifesting a successful restaurant business plan in Delhi, Mumbai, and Goa. 

A saying that helps Sujit keep going 

Sujit Mehta the Leading example of Restaurant consultancy believes, “Lead by example; let your work do the talking.”

With the advice of not getting distracted and keep working on what one believes one can slowly, gradually, and eventually build the brand on the right ethics. And the perseverance makes them fall out from the crowd and dwell into a unique identity. 

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