Blog CA turned into a Fitness Entrepreneur – Mrunal Ved

CA turned into a Fitness Entrepreneur – Mrunal Ved

Kajal Torani

Coming from a family of professionals, the young man dared to pursue his passion for business and became a fitness entrepreneur after earning his CA degree. Gujpreneur brings to you the ins and out of the entrepreneur Mrunal Ved and his beliefs on physical fitness. He is the founder of Fitformance, which offers functional fitness programs, in Ahmedabad.

Fitness professional Mrunal Ved doing his regular training.
Fitness professional Mrunal Ved doing his regular training.
Image Courtesy: Be Unique Studio

When Mrunal Ved’s passion for physical fitness got connected with Business 

Six months before the CA final exams, he had the notion of starting a fitness business. There was no turning back since then.

He believes that whatever he does should be done with his heart and soul. As a result, he thought to grasp the nitty-gritty of the area, and that made him enroll in numerous accredited health science courses and put his Personal Training concept into action.

While sharing his primary objective, he says,

It is the idea of bringing the people the much-needed relief from physical muscular pain. Make people realize how health and wellness can make them live their life to the fullest.

Mrunal Ved’s perky ride of passion for physical endurance

Right from convincing parents to start a business rather than pursuing CA as a profession to actually starting it before turning 25, “it was a complete rollercoaster ride”, says the young entrepreneur. A passion-fueled ride.

Not only that. Just as he entered the fitness industry, the Covid storm struck and failed all other plans. But on the bright side, Mrunal says introspection helped him survive. He thanked the process and shared his visionary plan to set up a new studio. It comes with a unique plan that complements the idea of ​​functional fitness exercises.

Vision and Mission the functional trainer is looking towards

To provide transformative experiences of health, exercises, and well-being“, says the entrepreneur.

He dreams of making at least 2000 people cherish a healthy lifestyle and physical well-being by the year 2025. 

Challenges on the path of promoting physical wellbeing

 Entrepreneurship is no cakewalk. The tale of Mrunal has its own twists and turns. While sharing about the challenges he faced, he describes he learned about the management of the funds in the process itself because of no family background in business.

Adding to it, there were times when investors backed off because of unavoidable factors. Despite all the inconveniences, he ensured that ends meet. That taught him the skill of how to move ahead with people, trust them and also be conscious. 

Stereotypes about Entrepreneurship

Mrunal defies stereotypes by stating that entrepreneurship is not about linear growth or a rail journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. As a health coach, he has learned that life is a roller coaster journey with many ups and downs that eventually drive you forward.

Tale of Milestones in the journey of the wellness industry 

It’s difficult to recall one or two specific situations when you’ve been on a long journey. That is exactly the case with Mrunal. Everything keeps him rooted in the process of opening one of the best gyms in Ahmedabad. Be it the increase in sales, the survival of COVID hit and bouncing back after it, or seeing the transformation in the lives of happy clients.

The daily routine of the fitness trainer

The day starts with physical fitness and meditation which is then followed by time for the clients and then the team. The evening is allocated to sports and family and that gives it the most beautiful end.

Mrunal Ved performing his daily dose of workouts for physical fitness.
Image Courtesy : Be Unique Studio
Mrunal Ved performing his daily dose of workouts for physical fitness.

Mrunal’s mantra of success

The wellness industry entrepreneur has a simple phenomenon. “Customers should get the benefits. The team should grow along with the owner. All three entities must be receiving value out of it in all the forms possible…!”. This deep-rooted belief makes him ascertain, “There are no regrets, just lessons learned.!” 

Inspirations Mrunal looks up to

Elon musk’s mindset of growth and welfare inspires him. And also, Aaditya Birla inspires him because of the grace with which he carries the business. 

Message to the Aspiring entrepreneurs of the fitness industry 

“As a result of working on creating value the commercial success follows, one must not neglect neither the financial nor the marketing aspects of the business plan.!”

A Saying that keeps Mrunal going

“I am an infinite being with infinite possibilities”

With the aspiration to go beyond the boundaries of Ahmedabad, Mrunal Ved shares the entire life journey of his becoming a fitness entrepreneur and now an integral part of Gujpreneur

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