Aakash Shah; The illustrious event maker 

Updated May 30, 2023

Aakash Shah, the owner of Artistry Events can be considered one of the most illustrious event makers in Ahmedabad. Artistry Events is an event management company renowned for its wedding planning for the last 10 years. The simple phenomenon of the Artistry event’s function is to provide a wholesome social experience. 

Tracing back to the dot where it all started 

The reason for his connection to events one way or another was his father. The initial monetary drive soon got transformed into a passion. Passion to give people a memorable moment for a lifetime. The inner calling made him choose this over academics for full-time and that’s how it all started.

illustrious event makers by Aakash Shah
Aakash Shah; The illustrious events maker 
Image Courtesy: Be Unique Studio

Mission and Vision of the social experience giving the company

“Small goals make big difference, and taking it one day at a time”. That is Aakash’s way of unfolding the best for him and also for his venture. 

illustrious event makers by Aakash Shah
Aakash Shah; The illustrious events maker 
Image Courtesy: Be Unique Studio

Event manager’s idea of success 

The broad and abstract term success is very much undefined. However, the thing he is sure about is, Success according to him is receiving love and remembrance from the family he has managed events for. That gives him the ultimate happiness, the wholesome homeliness. 

The eventful journey of the Event Manager

“Dramatically amazing”, is what the event manager says. There were ups and downs however, the downs did not continue for long.

While talking about the COVID period, Aakash says, it wasn’t that difficult. The foundation and the strong roots with the clients are the very reason behind it.

A memorable milestone in the journey 

Aakash says no achievement is too big to take over the spirit of working the next day. The ongoing constant process in itself is actually a milestone.

A mantra the event manager stands by

The magnificent mantra Aakash Shah always reminds himself is “It is always results, there are no stories!”.

Insights by the event manager

“Backend is as crucial as the fore-end. One master fore-end. However, the backend is undervalued and emphasizing that is the need.”, says Aakash Shah providing insightful insights to all the newbies of entrepreneurship. 

Artistry events artistically pleasing execution 

While sharing the reason behind Artistry events being this artistic in events Aakash says, it is “The follow-up taking responsibility”. They spend the first two hours of the day taking follow-ups from clients, agencies, and employees that ensure the smooth functioning of the process. 

Inspirations Aakash Shah looks up at 

“Anybody and everybody” the Event manager gives the straightforward answer. He feels his mind is designed in a way that he grabs learning even from the most unexpected person. 

illustrious event makers by Aakash Shah
Aakash Shah; The illustrious events maker 
Image Courtesy: Be Unique Studio

Tidbits for the aspiring entrepreneurs

If you don’t have the drive, don’t come to this industry. Because this industry grows on the inner kick that you have. The Drive to give a good experience. 

This a quote that keeps Aakash going 

“Believe and work hard, everything else leads to its own.”

Aakash Shah believes his relationship-building ability is the only thing that has made him survive strong in the storm of social media, and stand out from the crowd.

However, he also believes that catering to the needs of such a vast world, for a particular individual is not possible. And hence, all he is doing is trying to give his best by being part of the crowd itself. 

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