Blog From Corporate to Fitness Coach: Story of a Strength Trainer

From Corporate to Fitness Coach: Story of a Strength Trainer

Kajal Torani

Life has all its turns to take, and in this blog, Gujpreneur is unleashing one such story of a strength trainer who has left her corporate life to find her calling and be a Fitness coach. Her journey has been trailblazing in its own right, inspiring many around her.


The well-known phase that every corporate employee comes across is the feeling of being done. While some really end up making something extraordinary out of it. Brinda Mehta’s story is no different.

She eventually recognized that she was nurturing someone else’s goal rather than her own. As a result, in 2014, she split up with corporate culture and began the journey with herself.

 She adds, “A couple of years ago, in the pursuit of transforming myself physically and mentally, I signed up for a Zumba class. The infectious energy that this one person could create within a room of over 30 people left me mesmerized. The energy got to me too, and immediately the thought of wanting to be that person started to consume me. I wanted to have that level of confidence; I wanted to inspire others; and I wanted to be the source of that infectious energy!

In 2016, she realized that training is her forte, and in her pursuit of better health, she learned the value of strength training, which paved the way for serious fitness and led her to become a certified personal trainer.


It takes all your guts to do what you like, and adjacently, to make it a full-time earning profession as well. Brinda Mehta, on sharing her love for fitness and being a strength coach, says, “My passion became my profession in 2017. I trained and educated myself in different attributes of fitness. Ever since, as a certified fitness professional, I’ve trained and encouraged many men and women to improve their health and fitness. Even today, my passion to learn and experiment has not faded; my desire for knowledge and to constantly create keeps me going. My excitement for life, the free flow of energy, and its ability to transform you are visible in my environment”.

Story of a Strength Trainer


Being in the profession of physical fitness, Brinda said her biggest challenge is changing the mindset of people who think that a strength trainer is always a fit person without any extra work. It’s extremely challenging to fit in time for one’s own workout and nutrition. Adding to this, she said it is important for her to retain her health as a fitness coach.

“It’s a one-woman army.”

She is her manager, CEO, accountant, social media executive, and operationally in charge. Brinda believes that these challenges have enabled her to reach her full potential.


Starting a whole new pursuit is grueling sometimes, but it’s all worth it when it pays off. For Brinda, her biggest achievement is when her clients reach their desired fitness goals and are body positive.


As a strength coach, Brinda seeks to reach out to all homemakers aged around 40–60 who need to take care of their bodies, which are often neglected due to house chores and other responsibilities. Every woman should start working out since they undergo several psychological and physiological changes. “I believe sticking to fitness shouldn’t be an option; it should be mandatory and should be a value taught at home, schools, and colleges,” she says.


One very common misconception is that strength training makes you bulky. Bursting the myth, Brinda added it is not at all true. Lifting weights doesn’t make you look voluminous or like a man when done under proper guidance.

She says, “Joining physical fitness and going to the gym are not the causes of heart attacks, but the fact that it is not simply one thing that goes on in the background. There may be a number of other wrongdoings that individuals go on doing without even realizing, which might cause physical harm”.

Story of a Strength Trainer
Story of a Strength Trainer


Although Brinda firmly holds that success is very subjective, she nevertheless feels successful. “To me, success is when you can GIVE and CONTRIBUTE to others well being. I guess I’m heard and trusted, I just got interviewed 😀, so I feel I’ve done something right,” she adds.

She defines success as:

“Feeling happy and positive, having a healthy body, mind and a joyful spirit and the ability to give back to the world.”


The strength and fitness coach believes that it is very important to understand what you’ve put forth as a journey and how you want to perceive it. To every newbie trying to build an empire of their in fitness, she says, “Please take care of yourself. It’s you from whom people will take inspiration. Don’t let your health suffer. The journey is not easy. It will ask everything of you, and if you keep your head in place, you’ll be okay”.


One mantra fitness coach and strength trainer believe in is “Jaan hai to jahan hai.”

Health is everything. Being disciplined is something that will never go out of style. You can be a struggler or an aggressive achiever, but everything begins with your health,” adds Brinda.


“Pre-plan everything” is literally my key. And on crazy days, coffee helps,” says Brinda. The fitness coach believes in her gut that it’s the habit that makes you who you envision yourself to be. Do simple, small things, incorporate them into your plan, and implement them. It works. Besides that, support from their partner is the cherry on the cake for her.


Mirabai Chanu and Mary Kom inspire Brinda a lot. She believes that discipline outweighs motivation. Cultivation of sustainable habits is key.

Brinda’s story as a strength trainer consists of three everyday habits:

  • Reading and Educating about one’s work.
  • Meditation is a must.
  • Give yourself 30 minutes every day to evaluate, analyze, and focus. Add movement in life.


Brinda believes, “ if you want people to trust you, you’ll have to do it first and show them it’s possible.” Hard work is imperative. You need to be innovative. Be crazy enough to try new things and sensitive enough to understand the need for an hour.

To all the aspiring strength trainers and fitness coaches, she shares the golden recipe she learned from her experience:

  • Educate yourself.
  • Be prepared for a lot of failures.
  • Take care of your health each day.

Summing up, the fitness trainer advises keeping everything grounded and simple. Following simple habits like chewing food properly, drinking the right amount of water, and taking time to relax has all the hidden potential to help you become what you aspire to be. Brinda’s story as a strength trainer has been inspirational to many.

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