Blog Ashwin Shah is An Ed-tech Entrepreneur 

Ashwin Shah is An Ed-tech Entrepreneur 

Kajal Torani

Ashwin Shah is the co-founder of Robofun Lab. A lab that is working to provide the kids with practical learning using the medium of Robotics in the field of STEM i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Ashwin Shah an Ed-tech Entrepreneur is a peep into the way Robofun started off, survived, and continues to Thrive.

He believes that everything around us is the practical application of what we learn in our school. For kids to realize this, they must be taught in a fun and hands-on manner. When school students are exposed to experiential learning, they increase their liking of their daily education.

Tracing to the thought behind Robofun

It all started with the very aspiration of becoming an Educator. Serving role as a supervisor in vacations of 10th and 12th led to the very foundation which later paved the way for teaching students mathematics and physics while he was studying in college. 

After he completed his engineering and started working in a school as a physics tutor and therein the principal asked him if he could make the kids explore the robotics kit which he had bought from abroad and the unprecedented yet exciting journey began toward Ed-tech Entrepreneur. 

Later the instances aligned in a way that made Ashwin eventually realize how much difference robotics could make in the way kids perceive learning. That led to the thought of building an institution of his own to impact the maximum number of students across India and beyond.

Ashwin Shah an Ed-tech Entrepreneur
Ashwin Shah, founder of Robofun Lab
Image Courtesy: Be Unique Studio

Revered journey of Robofun Lab 

Starting off with Rajkot, Surat, and Ahmedabad, Robofun later embarked on the journey to a metro city, Mumbai leaving the magnanimous benchmarks with heartwarming responses. 

Resolving challenges in Robofun’s way

Covid-19 impacted them majorly in the Ed-tech Entrepreneur business and also made them realize that there is a need for plan B. And that is when experimenting with different platforms to impart coding education came into the picture. It first started off as a free course but later because of customers’ urge, it not only became extremely loved but also helped the lab revamp its revenue model. 

Ashwin also expresses his heartfelt and generous gratitude toward the co-founder Mr. Manoj Patel because of his constant support in all manners which ensures that the venture takes the required jumps. 

Insider Insights by the Educating Entrepreneur 

“Along with building and nurturing a strong team, it is equivalently important for us to make them aware about our vision and mission. This is when you would be able to get the most efficient outcomes.”

Ashwin Shah.

Ashwin Shah’s idea of Success 

“Creating an impact on society” is Ashwin’s way of cherishing the enriching fruits of success. 

Pre-requisites virtues for an entrepreneur according to Ashwin Shah 

 Discipline to start with. However, he adds, “No matter how systematically you work, you should never lose out on the human touch. Because it is empathy that makes you grow!” 

Ashwin Shah an Ed-tech Entrepreneur
Ashwin Shah, founder of Robofun Lab
Image Courtesy: Be Unique Studio

Vision for Robofun Lab 

“Omnidirectional footprints, be it offline or online.” shares the Ed-tech Entrepreneur when Gujpreneur asked him about his future plans.

Tips for an aspiring entrepreneur 

Entrepreneurship is not easy. It is easy to get funding and even easier to collapse with the same. So only if you are willing to get your heart and soul into it, you should enter it.”

Ashwin Shah, co-founder robofun lab

Ashwin’s way of being geared up 

In talks with Gujpreneur about his secret recipe of motivation, he said that although there are multiple milestones to achieve in the years to come, it is the revenue ( numbers ) that keeps him motivated. Everything said and done, your business numbers ultimately speak up for your work.

What makes Robofun Lab what it is today

The trust of having qualitative, value-based education from parents and students alike.

Ashwin Shah an Ed-tech Entrepreneur
Ashwin Shah, founder of Robofun Lab
Image Courtesy: Be Unique Studio

Wisdom words by Ashwin Shah for Investments 

Be straightforward with the investors. Investors must be made aware of the good and the bad before taking the board seat and the ones who are ok with both, are the right ones to work and progress with you.

The ed-tech entrepreneur shares he has cold-emailed hundreds of investors directly while trying routes through advisors in parallel. Things show results gradually and one must be patient enough to find the right investor during the seed round.

And complementing this, the tidbit to be clean with the documentation work is a pre-requisite because otherwise, investors would prefer to call off the deal seeing asymmetry in the record. 

“Getting funds is not difficult but getting the right people on board with the right strategies must be worked upon,” adds Ashwin Shah.

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Kajal Torani

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