Mitesh Patel, A new-age Dairy Entrepreneur 

Updated June 8, 2023

Mitesh Patel, A new-age Dairy Entrepreneur, and co-founder of Milkmor is a Civil engineer by academics. Milkmor is a nutritious milk-providing brand. They are currently supplying milk in Ahmedabad and soon envision supplying milk pan India. 

What’s special? Because of the emphasis on the nutritional value of the milk, Milkmor got recognized as “The Best Cow Milk” of Ahmedabad by Silicon India. 

Tracing the reason behind the initiation of the Dairy Business 

According to Mitesh Patel, there was a gap in the market. The excellent quality milk wasn’t available anywhere. And that’s when her personal inclination towards agriculture met the urge to be the bridge and he and his family decided to give birth to Milkmor.

It was the vision to make something Hi-Tech that made Milkmor stand out from the crowd. Silent features like playing flute music at the time of milking to ensure the happy mood of the cows and sprinkling drizzles in summer to provide coolness, simultaneously make Milkmor achieve its goal of providing good nutritional milk. 

Dairy Entrepreneur Mitesh Patel
Mitesh Patel, the co-founder of Milkmor.  
Image Courtesy: Be Unique Studio

A magnificent journey of Milkmor

Initiated with the supply of about 25 liters a day, and today around 3000 liters of Milkmor packaged milk is delivered and consumed in Ahmedabad. 

Production of milk, delivery of milk, management of all the employees, and also the organic fodder production for the cows are the four main facets of the journey which Mitesh started mastering slowly and eventually. 

The Vision and Mission of the Milk Company 

The first and only mission Milkmor stands by really strongly is to provide nutritional and excellent quality milk to the maximum amount of people. 

Execution of the Vision

Mitesh says the visionary approach of supplying milk all over India will be incorporated by associating with the farms.

Milkmor would be associating with farms of 100 and above cattle and share the method and feed plan to ensure a huge amount of milk production and also distribution, all maintaining a high nutritional value. 

Challenges in the Milk business and its solutions 

Handling cows for them was one of the biggest challenges; because of the lack of knowledge on how to manage a sensitive animal like a cow initially, it was a herculean task. 

However, slowly and eventually the process taught them what need to be done, how it needs to be done, and how much needs to be done and that has been a significant stepping stone in the success of Milkmor in the dairy industry.


Dairy Entrepreneur Mitesh Patel
Mitesh Patel with his team.
Image Courtesy: Be Unique Studio

A magnanimous Milestone of the journey

Nostalgia hits Mitesh as he happily shares, Reaching the distribution of 1000 liters a day is the biggest milestone they have achieved to date. And that makes all of them experience teary eyes even today. 

From struggling with the delivery route to embarking on the distribution of 1000 liters, undoubtedly, Milkmor came a long way. 

A Mistake that made a way to Betterment 

Mitesh realized consultancy from experts in this field is important because of the mishandling of cows in the starting.

And that mistake did cost. However, it also made way for knowledge and insightful handling of sensitive and significant cattle. 

Mitesh Patel’s idea of success 

“Balanced life”, is what Mitesh says upon being asked about his idea of success. 

“A life that becomes a medium to give life to the maximum amount of dreams”, Mitesh adds. 

Dairy Entrepreneur Mitesh Patel
Mitesh Patel
Image Courtesy: Be Unique Studio

A Mantra the dairy entrepreneur stands by 

“Being a medium of providing employment and also delivery of excellent quality of the goods” is the mantra that Mitesh Patel has got very straight and he himself loves to follow. 

A quality that is a prerequisite in Entrepreneurship

According to Mitesh Patel, “Consistency in all the facets of your business makes a way for your growth and development.”

A typical day in the life of a Dairy entrepreneur

A normal day begins with physical exercise followed by office work by reaching the office by 9 AM.

However, once a week, he visits the farm at 7.30 AM in order to look over its functioning there and later unfolds the day for smooth functioning at Milkmor.

Milkmor, in the USA, already!

Yes, the dairy farm business has already broken the boundaries of the country. It has started to supply Gir cow ghee in the USA. 

Insider Insights by the Dairy Entrepreneur 

The biggest trap an owner can get into is trying to cover all the aspects of the business by themself. Instead, in order to assure the growth of the model, one must distribute and channel it better. 

A word of direction to all the aspiring entrepreneur

“Meditation helps you think clearer. And that is why is a must-do for all Entrepreneurs,” says Mitesh. 

This a quote that keeps Mitesh going

“It’s a process that might have hundreds of difficulties, but with a clear sight of the destination, one can overcome all those!”

A feature that makes Mitesh Patel stand out from the Crowd

Thinking differently and thinking for the collective betterment of society, according to Mitesh is something he intrinsically has. 

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